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Maang Tikka

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Maang Tikka the Manifesto of Bridal Beauty

When you imagine about a bridal attire, you will never be able to do away with maang tikka, as it is one of the most integral part of any bridal wear, and why only bridal, these days any kind of traditional India wear looks kind of incomplete without the evident Maang Tikka adorning the forehead of any women clad in a beautiful Indian attire.
However, while we all know how beautiful and full of grace a woman look with a maang tikka donned on her forehead, how much do we now about the basic of maang tikka, as to how did the concept of covering the women’s mid forehead just in between the eyebrows come from. If you too are one among those who are looking for an answer to that question, then here it is. In Hinduism it is believed that the spot where the tikka which is basically the pendant is placed is the place for the sixth chakra, which is called the ajna and this chakra is connected to the “concealed wisdom” in any human being. It is also believed that this is the point through which the kundalini energy from anyone’s body exits, which is why a bindi or tip or a maan tikka is worn by the Indian woman as it is believed that with the help of these accessories the power or the energy of the kundalini could be retained and thus it will also help in strengthening the level of concentration in any human brain.
Having said that, and whatever might be the reason why this maang tikka is worn, we would have to believe that it indeed is a precious piece of jewel which does its work of cumulating the beauty and the elegance, the grace and the charm in any woman, and that is the reason why woman when going out for shopping or for that matter logging in for shopping choose the maang tikka and based on the look of the maang tikka they choose the sarees online too which would go with the maang tikka which they have already chosen for themselves. It is fun doing online saree shopping and the fun factor just doubles when you get to choose from a variety of options available for you online. Not only that but online shopping also provides you a choice of return these days, hence if you have chosen and bought a new maang tikka online for that matter had thought that the maang tikka would go perfectly well with you silk sarees that you are planning to wear on any forthcoming function, however when it is finally delivered you suddenly find out that it actually looks different than it did online, then worry not as you can anytime go and look for exchanging them.
Maybe the feasibility that online saree shopping, or online jewellery shopping provides makes the consumer go for online shopping mode more these days, then hanging around out and buying something with half mind or half choice, most of the time, as there will not many as many option available there as is the case with online shopping.