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When In India Dress Like an Indian – Choose Which One Would Be Your Kind from These Top Ethnic Wear

India is a land of tradition and culture, and like all the other cultures and traditions even India’s culture is depicted in the form of its varied forms of ethnic attires, which though might have been modernised a little bit with the change of time from ancient to modern, however, the basic look of the Indian ethnic wear still remains the same, and is still the favourite of most of the women in India as well as abroad as well.
Keeping in mind the fact that the ethnic wear in India is as popular in India as it is among the women who come visiting India, we here in this article are going to talk about the top four most popular and most worn ethnic wear in India for women, so let us find out which one are these, and once you have read about them we are sure that it will take you no time to choose one that you think would be the best suited for you among these four top category ethnic wear in India:
  • Saree:

    We start our list with the most popular ethnic wear in India, does not matter which region or religion, which culture or tradition (keeping in mind the diversity of culture found in this sub-continent) you belong to, saree till date remains to be the favourite and is indeed the most elegant wear when it comes to formal Indian attire. When they say wearing saree is a form of art, they say it right, as it totally depends on you as to how would you wish to drape this beautiful form of cloth around your body, bringing out the best look in you, and carrying it par excellence which too is a challenge that this India wear throws in front of the wearer. There are variety of materials in which you can get a saree like there is Kanjivaram, Patola, Tassar, Banarasi and many more.
  • Lehenga-Choli:

    We will define Lehenga-Choli as the most magnificent of the ethnic wear in India, and the moment you lay your eyes on it, we are sure you too would believe in this statement. A Lehenga-Choli is the favourite of any India woman or girl in India, as it has the ability to bring out the curvaceous beauty of any woman. Having originated from Gujarat and Rajasthan this ethnic wear has become quite popular in the India ethnic market and is one of the most preferred bridal wear as well.
  • Salwar-Kameez:

    One of the most worn ethnic wear in India, but is actually one of the regional outfit of Punjab, this piece of Indian ethnic wear is the most comfortable one to wear, and you will get a variety of them in the online market when you are searching for one. It is actually one wear which could be fitted in both casual as well as the formal category of India wears.
  • Churidaar:

    Last but definitely not the least is the churidaar, and believe us women just love to be clad in it any time, as it depicts the true meaning of sophistication combined with simplicity.