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Party Gown - Look Party Ready


There is a fashionista hidden in every woman. She wants to look her best, no matter what. Dressing sense is the first thing another person would notice in us. What to wear? How would this look? These are the common questions ladies often ponder over. Women love shopping and buying Party Gowns is one of the preferred tasks. These days online shopping is favored a lot as it required less time and energy.
Today, we will talk about different styles of the abovementioned topic. Gowns are deemed to be the most fascinated topic for ladies around the globe. Inspired from the west, eastern countries have also adopted this style. Ladies from different parts of the world adorned this in various occasions.

Different Styles

A-Line - Fitted at the bodice and this one flows out to the ground with an unbroken line.
Ball Gown - This too like the previous style is fitted at the bodice and has a waistline that leads to a long skirt.
Mermaid Gown - Fits to the body from the chest to the knee, then open out like a fish tail.
Sheath Style - Fits to the contours of the body. This one is more like a straight skirt with no curves.
Trumpet Style Gown - Fits to the body till the hip and widens gradually resembling to the mouth of the trumpet. It flares out from the hip while the mermaid styled gowns flares out from the knee.


Square - Has a horizontal bodice which meets at ninety degree angles.
Scoop - These are u- shaped necklines of varying depths.
Sweet Heart - This kind of neckline is shaped like the top half of the heart.
Off the Shoulders - Sits below the shoulders and this kind of Party Gown has the special feature of highlighting the collar bone.
Halter - Has straps that wraps around the back of the neck.
High neck - Features high/t-shirt neckline.
Strapless Straight Across - Straight across with no curves and no straps makes the strapless straight look beautiful.


Basque Waist - This kind of waistline has a low U or V shape.
Dropped Waist - This has become an eye catcher these days. Very apt for a ball this has a waistline below the normal waist at the mid-hip.
Empire - This has a raised waistline from where the rest of the gown flows down. This is sure to raise the Fahrenheit at the Ball Rooms.
Princess - This has A-line silhouettes with vertical seams down the front.