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Wedding gowns: A definitive guide for brides-to-be!


Bridal couture – the style, make and fit of the wedding gown is a very significant part of your D-day! From elegant, classy and traditional to contemporary chic---- choosing the suitable dress can turn out to be quite a daunting task simply owing to the overwhelming variety of the gowns you have access to!
At the heart of a “dreamy” wedding is that perfectly-chosen wedding gown, stitched together – just to complement your curves and to ensure that in the years to come you only have the most “fashionable” reminiscence to fall back on. The quintessential wedding gown will always have stories to tell. And, not to forget the unequalled euphoria that it complements the ceremony with.

A dream passed on or from the designer’s professional closet? Making the decision!

Wedding gowns crafted by fashion artists are made-to-order keeping the body type, size, shape and the sartorial preferences of the bride-to-be in view.
On the contrary, some wish to wear the vintage wedding gowns that their mothers have kept aside, believed to augment another emotional layer to the occasion! Fashion innovators can do a marvelous job by improvising the timeworn dress and turning it into an impeccable ensemble.

Celebrity designer wear: Know How and Innovation

Brides today are vastly enthused by the sartorial choices of screen personalities, so much so that many want to replicate celeb bridal couture. The dresses shown in movies are awe-inspiring and can jolly well inspire wishful thinking.
A day in the making- you may be taken aback knowing exactly how many months of work go in to realize this long awaited dream. Brides have to look perfect on their D-day and meticulous pre-planning is crucial as eluding bloopers in the last minute can be close to a nightmare.


Start today to make the most of the available time and resort to solving all mind impeding questions. Even a meek error can render the cherished dress a complete fashion faux-pas. So if it’s your wedding then stop thinking and start doing!
From just a bride-to-be to the revered princess walking down the isle--- it’s your gown which defines your transformation!