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Different Types Of Necklines In Cotton Kurtis


Kurtis are known as the latest fashion trends, which appeal to women of different styles and preferences. Kurtis also have a great demand as an appealing outfit for women to wear in the day to day events and also in various types of special occasions. The cotton kurtis are one of the most popular styles of kurtis for modern women, which help them to get ready for the regular activities and events without any hassle. Besides, the exclusive cotton kurtis offered by different boutiques and fashion stores are the most perfect attires to look impressive and pretty while being traditional.

Cotton kurti styles:

Like other types of kurtis, the cotton kurtis also explore various styles. So, on the basis of the style preference of the wearers, they can choose to wear the right kurti style, which includes: multi-colored kurtis, embroidered kurtis, floral print kurtis and many other types, which showcase a great combination of styles and colors.
Apart from different styles and colors, the cotton kurtis are also available in different necklines depending on the preference of the users.

Some of the common neckline styles of the cotton kurtis include:

Closed neckline:

This type of neckline style is perfect for those women, who have heavy lower body parts. The style perfectly complements the upper body area. Besides, this kurti looks just great while this is paired with jeans.

High collar neckline:

This neckline has “V” pattern in front and this unique pattern is perfect for giving a formal look to the user. This style is just ideal for women with long necks.

Crew neckline:

This style of neckline has mainly derived from the indo-western t-shirt style. This is basically in the round form and therefore looks great in the indo-western cotton kurtis. This neckline style is ideal for those women, who don’t prefer deep necklines.

Asymmetric neckline:

This neckline includes different types of patterns and designs in a neckline. Different of button works, patch works and embroidery patterns are available on this type of neckline. And this type of neckline is just perfect for different types of high profile parties.