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Ethnic Kurtis

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Ethnic Kurtis: Awakening Of the Aesthetic You


The word 'ethnic' or 'ethnicity' has come from a Greek word "ethnos", which means people. Ethnic wear relates to the cultural and national origin of an individual. This term is used to characterize cultural dress of people, living worldwide. With time, as people came in contact with other individuals, they have interchanged, adopted and modified many cultural attributes like food and style of living as well as the outfit. People have further conceived new methods and modified the styles and patterns of the outfits, keeping the flavor of the traditionalism intact. Conventionally, ethnic garments were worn occasionally and not on a regular basis. But now western wear is dominated by traditional attire.

Perfect Blend Of Cultural & Modernized Fashion:

Kurtis are the altered form of the long kurtas, which were traditionally worn in Northern India. Kurti being the first choice of any woman or girl has gained tremendous popularity. It is a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern attire. Ethnic kurtis are simple, yet gives a classy look, which is the prime reason for its huge acceptance. Nowadays, most of the women and girls are working. In the professional ambience, ethnic appearance suits the best. But exaggerating the traditionalism in you might make you feel out of place. These kurtis tone down the ethnicity and boost the subtle personality of yours.

Fashion: Directly Proportional With Time

Fashion has been dynamic from the beginning. With time and place, it has changed implausibly. But the fashion of kurti is ageless. The trend, design, and patterns have changed with time, but the conventional pattern still has a prominent place in the ongoing vogue. Short or long, printed or embroidered, diversity in a single category has made its place so noticeable. Variations in fabrics make it feel very relaxing. Silk can be worn during winters as well as in summers. It not only gives comfort but also enhances the elegance of the attire. Cotton is a very easy-to-handle fabric, with minimum maintenance. Any kind of stitch or print is very easily compatible with it. Woolen ethnic kurtis are also very much in demand. It serves the purpose of style and shields your body from cold during winters.

Fashion And Ethnicity Are Entwined Twins:

Keeping the touch of traditionalism, the patterns of kurtis have changed. Embroidery, chikankari, paisley, kalamkari, and jacquard are a few names of the conventional patterned stitches and works. Along with these works, block, digital, abstract, shadowed prints have made its own unique place in the market. Resultant of the combinations of these arrangements is unmatchable.