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Kurti – It Can Be Formal & At the Same Time Comfortable Too

One of the most loved and most preferred Indian wear, by one and all women are the kurtis. There are a number of reasons why women prefer wearing kurti. The first reason among them would be the comfort factor, because of its loose fit and being versatile in nature, kurti quickly becomes the favourite, even among those who are new to the culture and tradition of India ethnic wear.
Not only that, but unlike other Indian ethnic wears, when it comes to the kurtis, they can be worn in almost any kind of occasion, though we agree that the look, the style and the design of each of these categories of kurtis will be different, but one thing that remains common among all of them is the comfort level that kurtis build and along with the comfort comes the confidence to carry the cloth, which is one other reason why we say that kurtis are the favourite of one and all. Another reason why women of the modern era especially prefer kurtis to other kinds of Indian ethnic wear is because of the suitability factor that this dressing style offers to its wearer. What we mean by this is that you can team the Kurti with almost all kinds of lowers, be it jeans, or a legging or a jegging or even for that matter a salwar. No matter which of these you are teaming your kurti with it will surely provide just the right kind of look that you had desired for.
Having said that, here are few of the typical categories of kurti designs which people prefer, and which are very famous among its wearers, and also for those who have slight or maybe no idea about kurtis:
  • The first of the category would be the kurtis taken up for the purpose of casual wear. These kurtis are usually loose when it comes to their fitting, and will come in materials of cotton or in khadi. Like we said being a casual wear it provides its wearer with the utmost level of cosiness.
  • The next would be the formal wear kurtis, these as compared to the casual wear kurtis are made up of rather costly or let us just say expensive fabrics. These kurti designs are usually preferred for attending functions or parties and the ladies donned in a formal kurti usually teams it up with various kinds of jewellery, and the lower also is equally elegant and jazzy.
  • The next in the list and a much preferred kind of kurti is the fusion wear kurti, mostly preferred by girls and ladies who like to go the mixed way. These fusion wear kurti designs are basically teamed up with western bottoms, and ladies accessorise it with wooden jewellery and also a piece of scarf, which provides them with just the perfect fusion look that they had wanted, when they take up these fusion Kurtis.
  • The last but definitely not the least are the remodelled kurtis, which are nothing but the old styled kurti designs brought out of the wardrobe and some interesting work or sequencing done on them, to be further teamed with a western bottom or an Indian one.