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Different types of Readymade lehengas


India is the land of varied culture, colors and festivals. Each and every community in India has their own festivals that are colorful, spontaneous and quite creative in their own respect. One of the biggest “festivals” of India is wedding or as we call it “Shaadi”. Wedding happens to be a grand affair that can extend from a minimum of three days to a maximum of 14 days. Wedding brings in joy, colors, relatives friends, food and so much more all in one place to enjoy and cherish the bond between two hearts. Indian weddings can never be complete without clothes and especially lehengas.
Lehengas are available in different colors, designs, materials and styles. The range is so wide that can be quite an effort to choose the right one and women cannot stop at one since they are available readymade.

Wedding lehengas

Lehengas are mostly worn during weddings and such rituals. Women in India would specifically wear colorful lehengas during the “pheras” as well as during Sangeet and Mehendi rituals. Wedding lehengas comes in heavy zari work and are mostly made on heavy silks, net, brocade, satin and velvets. These lehengas come with a lot of flares and panels as required by the design. Even double flared lehengas are quite popular for weddings. You can buy readymade lehengas for weddings from shops or online.

Mermaid lehengas

As the name suggests, mermaid lehengas look typically like a mermaid’s tail. These lehengas have tight fitted hips and is flared down the waist. These lehengas are available on readymade and should be worn by women who have hourglass and rectangle body type with nice hips.

A-line lehengas

A-line lehengas are perfect for tall girls. These lehengas are quite common and comes in different designs. A-line lehengas are best for parties and festivals as they are quite comfortable to wear.

Trail lehengas

Trails lehengas look very regal and elegant since it comes with a train behind. Trail lehengas are great for bridal wear or a beauty pageant. While it is recommended to have these lehengas tailored, but you can also get them readymade these days.

Sharara cut lehengas

Sharara cut lehengas are typically worn in a Muslim wedding. However anyone can choose to wear these lehengas at a party or celebration as they are quite manageable and defines one’s figure quite well.


There is an endless choice of lehengas in India. Whether you want one for your wedding or for a party, make sure that you choose the right types of readymade lehenga that defines you aptly.