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Cotton Wear Salwar Suits

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Cotton Salwar Suits: Time they Made it to the Ramp?


It’s not without reasons that cotton salwar suits are the go-to sartorial pick for many around. With a versatile appeal, this particular dressing choice has emerged right at the forefront of Indian regular wear. It spells comfort and oozes convenience. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to your college (to learn or teach) or office, or for a day-out with friends, a cotton salwar suit is just what you need!


Talk about the ease of mobility or the ability to look just right aptly fashionable under the scorching sun, what cotton salwar suits can do for you (irrespective of what your age is), other dressing choices can never do. Thankfully, this popular dressing choice is available in myriad hues, designs and patterns. It only means that they can be worn in diverse occasions and by ladies of vastly differing age groups as well.
Consisting of a salwar, a kameez and a dupatta, these suits are rendered in both subtle and intricate designs so that you can take a pick as per your personal style statement, budget, and of course for the occasion or purpose for which you are buying it.
Picking something as per your body shape and size – once again- is not really a daunting task as well because the collections made available by stores are as versatile as they can get. And, it’s true regardless of whether you’re buying from an offline store or an online one.

Beyond generations and limited fashion choices

Last but not the least, it’s rather difficult to estimate the kind of impact cotton salwar suits have had on regular sartorial scenario. And no! We aren’t talking about high-street nouveau riche ensembles. We have seen our mothers wear it. We ourselves are wearing it. The little teens and kids around are wearing them too! It’s as delightfully “regular” and “convenience-driven” as you can get. Cotton salwar pieces have clearly transcended generations and “fashion” confines.


If we are wearing it- our favorite heroines are wearing them on screen too! Kajol, Kangana, Rani, Kareena, and the list goes on.. Can you remember anyone of them not sporting them even once in their film? So what if these suits never really made it big on the ramp?