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Wedding Salwar Suit

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Wedding Salwar Suits - Providing Elegance Since Ages


Anarkali suits, Angrakhas, are some of those heavily studded varieties of Wedding Salwar Suits. These can be chosen for wedding functions if one is opting for a suit. But the big question is how to look our best? Providing competition to the bride seems to be the biggest challenge. But this challenge can be overcome if we know the correct way of wearing the suits for a wedding ceremony.
Here comes some of the most popular ways of Dupatta draping.

Style 1 - Free from shoulders on both the sides

A simple way covering your front bodice is a sweet way to look pretty as not many do this.

Style 2 - Gathered in Pleats

This is the one side way hanging from the front to back. It is pinned well at the shoulder point.

Style 3 - The shoulder wrist style

The dupatta hangs on one shoulder and the other end is brought to the wrist. This makes dancing on the floors easier as the dupatta won’t come off.

Style 4 - Dupatta with Waist Belt

Wear your dupatta with neat pleats on the shoulders and let it hang freely. Add a waist belt to hold it straight from the waist. This goes well with Anarkali suits.

Style 5 - The Rajrani Style

Punjabi suits, Patiala Suits, and Shararas go well with this. Make bigger pleats and put them on the left side keeping it shorter than equal and pin up. Pull the inner edge line taking it to the other side and pin it there. Now continue draping the edge over the head and bring it to the left side again.

Style 6 - Two Side Cowl Drape

A simpler way to carry it pinning it loose on one side and taking the edge on the other side but not pinning it, instead holding it on the wrist in gathers.

Style 7 - Gown Style

This one is called the back cowl look holding it across both the wrists from the back to the front and let it hang freely.

Style 8 - The Neck Drape

This allows the main features of the wedding suits to be on the focus. Wrapping the dupatta around the neckline like a scarf is the easiest of all drapes. Here the dupatta serves the purpose of an accessory. It is a way to glam up because your heavily embellished suit is the central focus.

Style 9 – The full body cover

Much like the front drape, the dupatta hangs off the front of the outfit. However, in this case the distinction is, fabric covers the neck and all of the shoulders. It is good for outdoor receptions.