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Bollywood Sarees

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It’s Time to Revamp Your Desi Look with Charming Bollywood Saree!

The world of Hindi cinema, commonly known as Bollywood, was born in 1899 with the screening of its first short film. Bollywood started its journey with silent films. In the year 1930, it evolved to talkies. Sarees were one of the prime outfits for the women working in Bollywood. And from the beginning, this Indian attire has represented simplicityand enveloped feminism. It is one of the oldest forms of apparel found in the world. As the world of entertainment expanded its territory, Bollywood reached every home and so did its fashion. Not only the fabric, but the draping style also changed with time. This unique amalgamation of grace and tradition is so old, that its origination remains unknown.

Six Yards of Elegance:

The saree has its own tale, which is spread across the country. It was even used during the 1500 BC. During the Persian rule, saree got a bit of inspiration from Salwar Kameez. It further got altered with the advent of the British Rule in 1858 CE. Metamorphosis of fashion started after independence. Bollywood saree gained a new face in every era with changing fashion. Post-independence, Nivi style of saree took a prominent place in Bollywood. In this pattern, the loose end of the saree, called pallu is draped over the shoulder. The decade after that, attractive patterns and designs of sarees were introduced. Handcrafted Kanchipuram silk, Zari sarees were in the spotlight. These sarees were later replaced by Chiffons and Georgettes, which were easy to carry.

Progression with Generation:

There was a time when gold and silver woven Zari silk and their stylish embroideries were in fashion. Buttrendy, light weighted chiffons took over the contemporary shimmering drapes. With passing time, general audience imitated the fashion of Bollywood. They embraced the dynamic demeanor of the silver screen. Desi girls were seen not only on-screen but off-screen as well. The new millennium brought refinement to the Bollywood saree with it. Along with the sarees, backless patterns, sleeveless and deep neckblouses also played a very vital role in the era.


Designer sarees, fishtail sarees, GottaPatti work andZardousi were introduced, which raised the fashion to another level. Infact, the love for sarees took a turn, when traditional lehenga-choli was replaced by lehenga saree.Since 2010, half and half sarees turned many heads around. A beautiful blend of two different colors and the glistening pattern of embroidery will steal your heart away. This trend is anticipated to rule the fashion world, with rapid modernization coming on its way.