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Information On The Bridal Sarees Of Different Parts Of India

The Indian bridal sarees have a wide range of varieties. In fact, every state of India has some different type of bridal saree and each saree type is created to make own signature statement. With elaborated designs, these sarees create a joyous mood for the most special day of the life of a woman. Here in this article, you will find a guide on different types of bridal sarees available in different parts of India.
  1. Kanjeevaram Sarees: This is the most popular ethnic wear in South India, especially in TamilNadu. These sarees are mostly famous because of the exotic temple borders. Almost all the Tamilian brides wear this saree on their wedding. Later on the Madhuparkam ceremony of wedding, the Tamilian brides wear white cotton sarees that come with red brocade borders.
  2. Pattu Sarees: This is the traditional bridal wear of Kerala and this beautiful white and gold saree is worn by most of the brides in Kerala. Besides, the Christian brides in Kerala also get dressed in the pattu bridal saree to keep up with the tradition.
  3. Paithani Sarees: This is a bridal saree type hailed from Aurangabad region, and it is most popularly worn by the Maharashtrian brides on their wedding day. The most expensive paithani sarees come with real gold threads on those.
  4. Bandhej or Badhani sarees: This is another popular type of wedding saree, mainly worn by the Rajasthani brides. These sarees have a special type of polka dot and stoned work, which is the trademark of this saree. In some cases, these sarees are also decorated heavily with silk and gold thread work. An odhni or chiffon dupatta is an integral part of this bridal outfit, which covers the bride’s head.
  5. Panetar sarees: This is the bridal attire of the Gujrati women, mostly available in the combination of white and red. The work on this saree type can be either simple or can have heavy stone work on these.
  6. Assam silk sarees: Also known as the Muga Silk, this bridal saree of Assam is one of the finest silk saree types, which has a white body and red borders.
  7. Banarasi sarees: Originated from the beautiful and holy city of Banaras, this is a beautiful saree with heavy golden zari work done on it. Mostly created in red color, this saree is available in a myriad color options. As a whole, the brightness of this saree is just unsurpassed.