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The best party wear saree for the hot summer months


Summer is the time when we generally have parties, weddings and more such events. There are lots of birthdays and anniversaries and even weddings that require use to dress up in our best outfits and what else can beat the heat than a nice part wear saree? Well, yes indeed saree happens to be one of the best way to drape yourself in style as well as comfort especially during the summer months. So if you have parties scheduled for this summer then here are the party wear sarees you can choose for the season.

Types of party wear sarees you can wear in summer:

  1. Georgette - Indian summers are hot and the most popular choice of saree for any party is undoubtedly the thin and crisp georgette that gives you enough space to breathe. The material of georgette is such that it looks classy, elegant and yet has this lightness that is perfect for the hot summers. Georgette saree in a pastel shade would be an ideal choice of any party during the day.
  2. Chiffon - Chiffon is another variant that is light, airy and very soothing to wear in the summer months. The best thing about chiffons is that they are available in shimmery base too. So you can wear a shimmer chiffon saree at the party you are going to. It will keep you cool and add that sparkle too.
  3. Chanderi Sarees - Chanderi is a product of Madhya Pradesh where summers are extremely hot. Chanderi is made from silk tissues and thus the sarees are lightweight and quite delicate. Cotton chanderis are also available. But when you are looking for a party wear saree a silk chanderi will be the perfect one for every occasion. The zari border and the zari work in the body makes these sarees really gorgeous yet quite lightweight.
  4. Bengal Tant Sarees - Bengal cotton or tant sarees are handloom sarees that are really good for summers. These sarees come in wide variety. Some come with zari work and some with designs made from silk threads. These Bengal tant sarees are very comfortable to wear in summer as they are quite airy because of the weaving technique. They are very classy and elegant.
  5. Dhakai Jamdani - Dhakai Jamdani is the ultimate cotton saree that is lightweight, delicate and very gorgeous. They are the best you can have as a party wear during the hot summer months. Whether you are partying during the day or at night, Dhakai jamdani will always rule.
  6. Tissue sarees - Tissue sarees are always considered to be regal. The smoothness of the silk and the shine makes these sarees an impeccable choice for summer parties. Tissues along with zari border are great for weddings and anniversaries too.


With so many choices of party wear sarees to wear during the summers, it can be quite a tricky situation to select which one to wear. While all of the sarees have their own identity and specialty it will mainly depend on the kind of party you are going to.