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Wedding Sarees

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Wedding Saree: Trends, Knowhow and more

When it comes to wedding sarees, one has choices that range from the gorgeous “traditional” to the experimental designer sarees. Very simply put, the traditional wedding sarees are the literally heavyweight intricately embellished pieces – mostly rendered in red. The modern designers, however, have made sure that their sartorial pieces are light weight – irrespective of the extent of embellishment they are carrying.

The popularity of designer sarees: Their “how” and “why”

This is perhaps the reason why a designer wedding saree is way more popular today than what was the case when it was initially introduced to the wedding scene. These sarees are essentially light as has been mentioned above and easy to carry around.
Another conspicuous change taking place today is the gradual shift from quintessential red to other vibrant hues. Today’s light wedding sarees come with detailed work rendered on variant colors. The weight of these pieces facilitates mobility so that brides can participate in celebrations without visible difficulties.

Bollywood: The constant source of inspiration for brides to be!

Bollywood remains another major source of influence for brides to be. Our favorite heroines through ages have inspired us with their sartorial choices- be it for casual outings, parties or friendly meetups. Our weddings being the most special day for us are no different. Brides love to be inspired by the likes Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Rani Mukherjee, Bipasha Basu and many other such leading ladies who have played the role the coy “dulhan” with such believability and consistency.
In this regard, it must be mentioned that wedding couture is largely influenced by the look endorsed by Bollywood heroines in songs.
It is extremely important for a bride to be to zero in on the wedding look in advance. What’s going to be your look for the wedding? For mehndi? For sangeet? Have you decided on the accessories yet? Have you tried your look for the different rituals? If you haven’t then you’re committing a major mistake because it is difficult to fix bloopers at the last minute. A simple gaffe can ruin your entire wedding look! So act accordingly. Act on time!