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Tank Tops

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Tank tops are definitely the language of clothing through which you can express who you are. However knowing how to wear them can be tricky. And this article will guide you to wear tank tops for women with style.
The trend of wearing tank tops for women is very much common these days. Normally girls wear tank tops during the summer as it looks cool and keeps the body free and can easily beat the heat. Generally the tank top which the girls wear are normally dark in color or shocking pink, blue, yellow and orange in color, so that over the tank top one can easily take a shrug or a light colored scarf. The tank tops for women are mainly seen wore by the girls who are a bit tomboy in nature or trendy who follows their own style regime but just anybody and everybody can put on a tank top as per there comfort level.

Pair them with a pair of trousers or denims and shoes

Tank tops can be worn above jeans or jeggings. Team it with a matching cute shoe which makes the whole get up comfortable and trendy at the same time. However be aware of too many accessories.

Fusion Look

In fact some girls wear the tank tops above the patialas which looks trendy enough and along with it they wear a bunch of colorful bangles and a contrasting short shrug is also taken. Sometimes a colorful or a multi colored scarf can also be taken to give a new look.

Inner Wear

The tank tops for women can be also used as an inner garment under low or over-sized tops to cover cleavage and look decent. There is the recent trend of wearing the transparent shirts with a bright and bold tank top inside it, so that it can be seen from outside through the see through tops which are usually tucked inside the jeans. This gives you a much bold and smarter look.

Winter Wear

As winter starts knocking on your door you can team up the colorful tank tops with the same old cardigans and create a new eye catching look. Moreover you can use a bandana or a turban to cover up your hair thereby protecting your hair too.

Sleep Wear

  Even the tank tops for women are also used as a sleepwear and it is very much comfortable to wear when you are going to sleep. Yes, this is definitely one of those items you should carry for a sleep over.

Pair it with a belt

Fond of using a belt? You can now use a belt with your tank top. A belt can be worn with or without a cardigan. But you must ensure that the colors are not on two different poles. The belt can go just under your chest or can hug the hip. If you want to flatter your body and want to make the belt more prominent then wear it under your chest.
So, hope you now get rid of the idea that tank tops for women are good for nothing. It’s time to re-discover your wardrobe and mix and match. So, what are you waiting for?