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Shorts will be the right choice for women who are sporty and are on any trekking adventure. Shorts for women are especially made for this purpose, that is while rock climbing or mountaineering, the perfect dress will be shorts and a top so that you can keep your body light and swift enough to move. If you are confused what to wear along with shorts, here are some advices. Shorts for women are found in a variety. They can be printed or they can be in a single color. Mainly the shorts which are made of jeans are very much in demand.
  • Before buying the shorts you should first consider the height and also the fitting of your figure. If you are shorter length then you must buy the short length shorts and if you are taller then you can go for longer shorts. Bermudas can also serve the purpose as shorts for the taller girls. Bulky women should not try the thigh hugging shorts for women, as it will look fatter.
  • Girls should prefer the short which are straight fitted, the cargo pants which have large pockets seeks attention on the hips which can be very much awkward for you. So you can go for colorful or floral print shorts and if you want to look more sophisticated and slim then go for the dark single colored shorts. And yes of course, along with the pair of shorts you should rightly choose the shoes, so that it can match with the whole dress you are wearing and will present your personality and character to the outer world.
  • Then again, before choosing or buying the printed shorts, you should go for the prints which are small enough and have much space in between the prints so that it does not look clumsy and hence the designs should be noticed. The printed shorts will be best suited during the time of summer and spring, as the floral prints will suit the respective seasons.
  • There is another type of short which the high waist short. These types of shorts are meant for professional purpose. If you want to wear shorts at your office, then you should go for the high waist black colored shorts. You should try the most fitted pair of shorts to look slim and hot. Along with the shorts, the shoe, waistcoat and the top should be rightly chosen, so that it can go with your looks.
  • Last but not the least; you should always pair bright colored shorts with the contrasting color of tops to make a trendy and funky look.
Shorts are very much cool to wear and there are many women who wear the shorts during the time of workout and yoga. And nowadays wearing the shorts have become very much popular. Shorts can be made of cotton or jeans. Both are comfortable enough. Some shorts are so soft and comfortable to wear that some girls use them as their night wear.