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Of Top Western Wear in India and some useful tips

Among the first things you are going to notice while traveling to India, are its spectacular colors and patterns of Indian women clothing. Indian Women’s clothing in the country varies greatly depending on the climate, the local culture, even the religion, also on types of urban and rural setting.
In the urban setting, western clothing has become common, in fact so has the fusion of the western and the eastern clothing. Say a kurti (or a kurta) with a pair of jeans or trousers are a very common view in the cities like in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata and so on. In the rural areas, still now traditional clothing is worn; women generally always wear the saree.
India is popular for the great diversity of weaves, fabrics, and colors which make each piece of clothing absolutely unique.
Fashion revolves around smart dressing and being able to carry what you wear. Every dress is not meant for all occasions. Each occasion has its personal needs and thus demands special clothing too.
In this article we have enlisted some of the popular Western Wear in India along with fashion tips for women.
First of all, it is essential to have clear notion about the occasions you're shopping for thereby decide on the formality.

Formal Western Wear in India

If you're dressing for any convocation ceremony or a conference or seminar, formal wear is considered to be perfect. Formal wear ought to be decent and sophisticated, so the sexy, bright tank tops or hot pants are just a big NO. Checks or striped shirts teamed with a classic trouser look ideal for seminars, business meetings and other official purposes.

Western Wear in India: For Parties

The choice of Fabric should sync with consistency of the occasion. Leather and velvet is just apt for the winter while cotton, organza and silk, organzas are for the summer. The dress code indicates the colors for you. If the purpose is a party, a little black dress remains a forever stunning favorite. Other alternatives could be a copper brown or gold gown. Vibrant colors enhance the sparkling touch, but have to be worn only for late evening parties. For morning parties, opt for a white floral dress or lighter hues like ocean blue, emerald green, ruby pink, light yellow or indulge in trendy pastel shades. If you think a dress is not your cup of tea, you could opt for trendy tops like a ruffled top, satin tops, sleeveless sexy cut tops and much more. Team them with three quarters, denims, and shorts (ideal for summer mornings) and so on.

Daily Western Wear in India:

Fashion is about hiding flaws and highlighting the best. To flaunt beautiful legs, go for a short skirt. And to enhance the chic look, team it with a tank top and a scarf around your neck to invite everyone's attention towards this elegant look.  Well fitted tops are appropriate for a prom party or the Saturday nights. But for daily wear, loose fitting tops turn out to be more comfortable.

Western Wear in India with Height Consideration:

Height is again something that draws attention instantly. We often find ourselves attracted to the taller people. If you're short, avoid too short dresses or skirts. Rather opt for fish cut long skirts. But if you're healthy, fish cut isn't for you.

All Time Favorite Western Wear in India:

Denim is the all-time favorite of all and goes with every body type, so to make a mark mix and match sensibly and see the magical effects. Wear a neon text tee or a sleeveless halter top or a tied up shirt or a trendy crop top- it all looks wonderful with denim. Wear a bandana or a turban or accessorize with scarves or cute shoes to create lasting impression.