Stress Genocide


There is no offense considered in calling it as genocide. In the recent past the frequency of new headlines stating that someone has succeeded or attempted in giving up their lives as they failed to control & manage the stress & strain. This might sound like utter nonsense but from where does this comes from?  It has all arisen from our low self-esteem & self-confidence leading to a high dependence on comparison with entities surrounding us.


Let me put a straightforward definition of the word “stress”. It is basically an emotional and physical deterioration of our body caused by our response to the pressures built on us from the external environment surrounding us.


Major troublesome situations in our life lead to a stress. Some of them are like passing the examinations, entering into a workplace where you are very much worried about the lower payments, the end of a long-time relationship, the start of a family, a fear of how you can adequately satisfy the needs of your family. Some of the common issues are noted down

    • How to achieve the things I thought of for such a long time?


This is a question that can keep you worried for a long time. Just think about clues, about what are steps that you can follow. There is righteously no point to worry about.

    • How can I lose my love? [Divorce, Separation & break-up of any accepted or unaccepted relationship]


When it comes to the end of a beautiful relationship and you are too worried about how you could lose your love, the first suggestion is that stop blaming yourself. When you know that you were not the real culprit, there is no point in crying and blaming yourself. Your partner might not have been satisfied with you for some of the other reason and he or she absolutely left you without placing any reason. Just let them move on.

    • How can I meet the expectations of my parents?


This is a common matter of worry among the teenagers who are forced to a great extent to fulfill the dreams of their parents. The parents do not always take acknowledgment of what their child desire for, they just simply pressurize. So it is your duty to sit and think about a point with which you can partially fulfill the expectations of your parents as well look at yourself.

    • What will happen to me? [Death of a spouse or a close family member]


Death is regarded as one of the most dreadful events in the lifetime of a person. Surely, the loss of a closed one could stress anyone heavily but this is not the time for a setback. Getting stressed will not fulfill the position of the lost one. Man is mortal-this should be accepted.

    • How will I meet the ends of my family members?


Losing a regular day job would be serious enough to stress someone for the future financial uncertainty. But getting depressed wouldn’t solve the financial crisis. Take a break and depend on the savings for the time period. Try to find out the glitches, realize the mistakes & always discover the specialties in you so that you could try to get a better opportunity.

What can be done in such a situation? These situations need to be treated in a delicate manner. Do not focus on the things that are troubling you so much, just think about something that can bring a transition.


Stress is no way lesser than a major mental health concern. Stress resembles a situation whose extent of reach widely varies for different persons.

In the science of medical physiology, any abnormality in the normal physiology that restricts the body to show signs & symptoms is considered as most developed and evolved. Stress is considered as one of them. The symptoms that are mostly associated with stress are widely classified into 3 categories:

  • Signs related to emotional changes
  • Signs related to physical changes
  • Signs related to cognition i.e. thought procedure

Emotional changes

  • High level of agitation with frequent and wild mood swings
  • Worried round the clock
  • Longing for with a forever loner attitude
  • Depressed, frustrated with spells of unhappiness
  • Isolated &carelessbehavior

Physical changes

  • Frequent body pains, laziness, drowsiness with muscle spasm
  • Energy deficit
  • Sleeplessness, nightmares & insomnia
  • Loss of appetite & constipation
  • Lowered sexual desires
  • Higher chances of allergic reactions on minor issues
  • Reduced working capability
  • Increased inclination towards drugs, tobacco & alcohol consumption

Cognitive Changes

  • Worried & disruptive thought procedure
  • Mental ailness
  • Loss of judgemental abilities & poor decision-making abilities
  • Often found to fumble


“Stressor” is the particular word used in defining an entity, of any form, that makes an individual react in a much-overburdened way after being pressurized to the brim. Stress is not always considered as some external agent straining a person, it is often found be changes in the body’s internal environment responsible for it.

Researchers in the recent past over 100 people from different parts of the world worried & strained over varied issues have been conducted. The results found states that stress is mainly caused due to a number of factors accumulated to overstrain a person. Of the several factors related, mostly they are classified intotwo categories

  1. External factors causing strain
  2. Internal factors responsible for strain
External factors causing strain Internal factors responsible for strain
  • High workload or overburden at job or school
  • Insecurity &over competitive lifestyle
  • Hectic & busy schedule
  • Multiple Failures
  • Relationship Issues & divorce
  • Pessimistic nature with an always big fat NO
  • Losing of a close one
  • Over ambition with unrealistic goals
  • Financial crisis
  • Insecurity & uncertainty in life
  • Major accidents& trauma
  • Lack of care & love.


Young man having trouble studying, on white background It may bring a complete breakdown of your mental and physical health. It may destroy your nervous system as well as cause cardiovascular diseases. You shall turn into a psychological patient.

Stress does not end with itself. It finally takes the form of causing mental ailness that leads to meningitis. Meningitis is a neural disorder related to loss of memory. The Central Nervous System which has a capacity to take pressures goes totally disrupted.

The respiratory and cardiovascular system is ruptured. With stress, hypertension is a matter of time.

Stress ↑ → Anxiety → Sympathetic stimulation → Chronotropic Effect on heart →Heart Rate ↑→ Cardiac output↑ → Blood pressure ↑ → Hypertension

The digestive system starts facing problems retaliated to constipation, enlargement of the liver, diabetes. In women, there is a disturbance caused by the reproductive system. Especially when a woman is pregnant, she must not take any kind of stress because it hampers the baby in the womb.
It not only affects the physical health, it curbs seriously upon the mental stature of a person by destroying all of his or her confidence. People surrounding you may take an advantage of such a situation and make you feel completely down.
In some serious worst case scenarios, it disruptsthe person to such an extent that his or her inner cruel instincts may be dominant in putting the life at stake.



Stress makes us react spontaneously. There are many faces of stress – can appear both in a positive as well as in a negative manner. Stress might help us sometime in finding our boundaries but it has its own demerits of tolling upon the health both physically & mentally. There is no denying that it people under stressful condition give out their best in order to overcome the situation.

Stress from outside entities help our physical and mental set up be well prepared in times of danger but on the other hand will prove to take the form of super danger if our body crosses the handling limit.


664188800 Here a few tips & techniques that would surely act as quick stress management techniques in case if you are severly strained:

  • If you are feeling overstressed at the moment, reach out for help. There will be someone or the other who will listen to your problems and suggest you better ideas to your problem.
  • If you are perspiring excessively, just take a wet towel and gently wrap it around your head and your neck. This will help your brain to cool down.
  • You can go for a lemon balm. Lemon has been used from the medieval ages as a quick supplement in easing your stress. Ashwagandha can also act as a top Ayurvedic medicine which can easily increase your serotonin levels. Other Ayurvedic medication like the Valerian and Ashwagandha can be used as a healer to curb down the stress.
  • Chewing gum is often taken as the best medicine for its super easy formula for curbing stress. The intake of chewing gum gives a person a lot of time to think deeply without being too anxious.
  • For long-term plans try to consume stress reliving health supplements like valerian & kava-kava
  • Sometimes excess of intake of coffee showsanxiogenic results & effects of caffeine on mental health that in turn develops stress & anxiety. Decreasing the daily limit for cups of coffee could improve the situation
  • If you are not finding any of the above options as a great one and is feeling too nervous, it is better to go for antidepressants at such a time. Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro are the best antidepressants that help in achieving the motive of reducing the stress at a go.
  • Message therapy can be thought as to be a very good medicine for stress. Just find some time and visit a parlor and undergo a therapy. There are well-skilled people who can put their best skills to relieve your body and mind.



Portrait of tired young business woman with laptop at the office ; Shutterstock ID 148515530; PO: The physiological response is developed by the brain which creates stimuli in the form of pains in the different parts of the body. The master gland hypothalamus becomes very active at this stage hence making the Autonomic Nervous System alert.


laboratory Stress becomes adjustable with time, which is brought with adaptability. New researchers on stress by the Rockefeller University gave a view that if a person is kept under stress for a long time becomes a victim of gradual chronic diseases. The different parts of the brain were studied. The chronic diseases were a result of changes in the portion of the amygdala. In some other portion of the brain, they also got a feedback of a gradual shrinkage in the tissues. This was a clear representation of a depressed mood. This gave a conclusion that stress not only is an element that affects the mood but also a gradual killer of the body.


Managing the huge world, combating each and every situation is not that easy. There are people varying in their colors, their mentality. God has sent you to tackle the situations. If there would have been no stress at all, the world would have never faced such a great development. Behind every development, there is a need for“…Blood, Sweat, and Tears”.

Without these, nothing is possible. But surely, there is a limit. But everything above all requires your active involvement. Advisors are there to suggest you remedies, but the work is to be done by you. Stay happy, fit and fine. Never be so down to let your burdened emotions burden you so much that you lose your existence. There is always a happy ending to every stress. Keep smiling. We love to see you smiling!

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