Wear Grateful Dead Sweaters

Why Wear Grateful Dead Sweaters And How To Get Them

Grateful Dead, one of the most innovative bands in pop-history… Some love them, some hate them, but that’s how it usually goes with greatness. Whatever you think about them, though, you can’t deny the good they’ve done in promoting love, peace and a sense of community, together with their fans. Depicting a hero whose good deeds bring him good karma, the name of the band itself, although it may give off a different vibe until you learn how it came to be, represents care and kindness.
As ever fan of this band will tell you, to love the Grateful Dead is to love not only their music, but their entire lifestyle. Even though the legends no longer play, and some are no longer with us, they have left behind a great number of fans, embracing their peaceful lifestyles along with their music. Expressing those lifestyles and the love for the band doesn’t, however, stop with playing their songs on repeat. You can often bump into someone wearing a Grateful Dead sweater or another piece of clothing aiming at showing their love for these legends.

Why Wear Grateful Dead Sweaters

Why Wear Grateful Dead Sweaters

When you first come across sweaters like those, your eyes may sparkle and you may be tempted to make an impulsive purchase. Still, if you’re a bit more careful than that with your shopping, you won’t decide on the spur of the moment. Instead, you’ll let everything sink in and start thinking carefully about why you should actually buy such items, and whether you should do it in the first place.
As with most clothes, you’ll begin wondering if the sweater would be useful to you. Is it something you’d actually wear, or is it something that would sit in the closet forgotten? Sure, it’s a practical clothing item that will keep you warm during the winter, but people usually aren’t practical when it comes to buying things they love. And, you shouldn’t be either in this case, because the practicality, although useful, is not the only reason why you should wear Grateful Dead sweaters.

1. You’re Showing More Than Your Music Taste

You’re Showing More Than Your Music Taste

Showing your music taste, apart from being practical and staying warm, is one of the reasons why people wear sweaters inspired by their favorite bands. When it comes to the Grateful Dead, though, you’ll be showing much more than your music taste this way. You’ll be showing your entire life philosophy that’s based on peace and love. Read more about the band, so as to figure out what their philosophy was and what you would, thus, be conveying by wearing clothing items inspired by it.

2. Keeping The Legends Alive Is The Fans’ Job

Keeping The Legends Alive Is The Fans’ Job

While the legendary band is no longer playing, fans are still there. Since this is the type of music that appeals both to the older and the newer generations, the number of fans doesn’t seem to be subsiding, which is a good thing, as it will keep the legends alive. It is your job, as a fan, to keep the legends alive and introduce even more people to their amazing music.
Wearing a Grateful Dead sweater will, undeniably, spark some curiosity among people, leading them to asking questions. Get ready to answer those questions and introduce them to great music, and possibly even order them a sweater as a gift as well. Legends always stay alive through their fans, so spread the word and get more people acquainted with this amazing band.

3. And So Is Promoting Their Ideas Of Peace And A Sense Of Community

music by wearing these sweaters

You won’t be promoting only their music by wearing these sweaters, though, and by introducing other people to them. The philosophy they stood for, one based on peace and a sense of community, is something we could all learn from, especially in the modern world, where people are turning much more to an individualistic approach of living and basically taking those around them for granted. Promoting their ideas could do some good in the world and make us all feel much more connected to one another.
As every great band, this one is both loved and hated by people, and their lead guitarist, Jerry Garcia, also considered one of the best musicians of all times.

How To Get Them

Realizing that you both need and want a Grateful Dead sweater, you’ll immediately start searching for where you can get it. Fortunately, the online world allows you to easily find what you’re looking for, as there are numerous shops out there nowadays that also want to keep this memory alive and that, thus, sell these clothes. Finding them won’t be difficult, but make sure to choose a great shop, i.e. one that will not only offer you great quality sweaters, but also a great price for them.



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