Shoes With Micro Minis

5 Types of Shoes to Wear With Your Micro Minis

Skirts never go outdated and always look good on any girl with any type of figure due to the versatile styles they feature. You can combine the micro and miniskirts with various kinds of shirts, shoes, and fashionable jewellery which not only save time but budget-friendly as well. Hence, you can try out with various lengths and couple them up with gorgeous shoes.

Ultimately, it’s time for your legs to come out from leisure and see the daylight! This year, micro and miniskirts are back with a satisfaction (particularly the amorous denim styles), and provided with a number of legs that is shown by the miniskirt, it is essential to keep in mind the footwear that will complement your micro mini most without blundering on the side of disgraceful (example- high stilettos) or childish (example- flip flops). It’s great news that there are a lot of shoe styles, which will work great with the micro and miniskirts. You just need to check out the shops and bring the best shoes to wear with your cute short skirt.

There are numerous footwear options for coupling up with various kinds of skirts. However, which shoes will look greatest with your skirt? In this article, we are going to share 5 recommended options of shoes which you can wear with your micro minis.

Boots for style:

Boots are highly fashionable shoes when it comes to wearing miniskirts. Wear a pair of black biker boots for creating an edgy and rebellious look. A pair of knee-high riding boots with minis gives a sporty as well as sophisticated look. If you wear thinner, high heels, you will look like a hot chic. Always match the colour of boots with your skirts to make your figure look leaner and longer.

Boots With Miniskirt

Flats for the function:

The most efficient way of ensuring your micro minis are accurately styled for every occasion, place, and age-relevance is to wear them with flat shoes. Wear a stylish high-waist mini with a pair of lace-up brogues. Ballet flats and slip-on loafers are other styles of flat shoes, which complement your micro minis and are functional with sacrificing your style.

Micro Minis With Flats

Sneakers for pride:

If you are wearing a casual mini, you can get away with a couple of canvas sneakers. Alongside a pair of lace-up tennis shoes, you can have a fantastic look in your cotton floral print tulip micro mini.

Minis With Canvas Sneakers

Heels for sex appeal:

Often, conservative and subdued pieces won’t achieve the preferable effect of your dress. These are the occasions to play with heels and micro minis. But you must be careful. Sky-high shoes with the revealing top are not the best options to pair with a miniskirt unless you are ready to go to a dark club. A pair of suede pointy-toe stilettos with minis will look sexy and perfect. Paired with high heels, your legs look as long as can be. A pair of open-toe high heel colourful booties with micro minis is a funky hip style which gives you a slightly extra pep in your style. Try chunky heeled shoes such as wedges or platforms if you can’t balance on a pin-heel with a sassy miniskirt to give your style boldness.

Miniskirt With Heels

Gladiators for the formal and classy look:

If you want to have a more formal and classic look for a night out and parties with friends or in fact for date nights, then this combination is the one you have been searching for. For this combination, you need to wear a classic brown coloured knee-length skirt, a black cropped top and a prominent thick belt with it. Opt for the black coloured gladiators if you want to spice things up.

Gladiator With Micro Minis


With spring in full bloom, ultimately you can wear your favourite pieces, i.e. miniskirts. Since you are sure to wear it until the next weather season, i.e. summer then try out the above-mentioned types of shoes with your micro minis.

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