7 Outfit Ideas For The Perfect Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Valentine’s is just around the corner and people are busy making plans with their significant others, friends or for a solo night in. Everyone wants to look cute for their date night and for the gram. So if you’re looking for the perfect outfit to make your Valentines memorable, keep on scrolling!


Red is the colour of love, and hence, the quintessential colour of Valentine’s day. The most iconic outfit since times immemorial has been the Little Red Dress. Pick a tone of red that compliments your skin tone. Choose a style which you’re comfortable in and is suitable for the weather and activities you plan to do (there’s nothing worse than being on a date and being under or overdressed for the occasion). If the plans are a surprise, then pick the safest option of a knee length flared dress, so you can be ready for anything your partner has planned for you. You can keep it casual with a shirt dress and some boots/sneakers or dress it up with all red heels and lips.


If red is not really your colour, but you still want to be on theme, then wine is the colour for you! A deeper and sultrier version of red, deeper reds and maroons look sexy and elegant at the same time. Opt for sleeker silhouettes and bodycons dresses for this colour. Looks particularly great on people with brown and darker hair. If you want more coverage, you can choose long sleeved maxi dresses with a hint of skin on show in the form of low backs or slits.


Now no-one said that you have to wear a western dress for Valentine’s day. It’s a day to celebrate love, and you celebrate wearing whatever you want! So not to leave any of our desi-girls hanging, here are some Indo-Western outfit ideas. Pair a gorgeous fiery red kurta with red pants and a dupatta if you like, but keep it monotone so it reads Valentine’s and not New Bride. Pair palazzos with crop tops and long flowy jackets to keep it desi, yet sleek.


This one is for all the powerhouses out there. Dresses aren’t your thing and you tend to stick to pants and suits? Worry not, you can be all decked up for Valentine’s too and be a total instagram baddie while you’re at it. Pair your bespoke custom tailored pant suit with a lacy black bodysuit, or flowy red pants with a blazer and white top. You can also opt for jumpsuits and playsuits to be dressy, yet playful.


If an overall red look is too overwhelming for you, you can break the monotony with whites. The white won’t overshadow the reds and still make a for a very Valentine appropriate outfit. For this look, wear coordinates with reds and whites. Don’t add any more colours, otherwise you’ll lose the charm of the red pieces. This style is perfect for a daytime look and activities.


Sarees have been a major part of the fashion scene amongst youngsters this past year. People of all ages are embracing the 9 yards and putting their own personal spin on it. So to not leave any of our saree enthusiasts out, here are some saree inspirations for Valentine’s. Stick to one shade of red and don’t mix any other colours. If it’s too monotonous for you, play with textures and sparkles instead of colours. Get a custom fun blouse or a crop top to pair with your saree. Another hack, wear a saree shapewear or leggings underneath your saree in place of a basic underskirt to get a sleeker and hourglass figure.


And finally, let’s address the elephant in the room. Given the current scenario, there is a high chance you won’t be able to step out of your house for a night out, or your significant other is stuck in another state/ country unable to travel due to the much needed restrictions. Well worry not! You can still make the most of your night by having a low key pajama party! If possible, have your significant others or your girlfriends for a Galentine’s at your place and host a pajama party. Works for a zoom party too! Dress up in comfy pajamas and order some food and share your time with your loved ones, after all, that is what is most important.

There you have it. 7 outfit ideas to make your Valentine’s Day that much more special. Check out the blog for more ideas and inspirations.

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