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9 Different Types of Beard Styles

Most men out there usually want to grow beards because it is believed that growing a beard helps to bring out the manliness of a dude. Unfortunately, quite a big number of men usually end up shying away from keeping a beard due to lack of basic beard care tips. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can keep your beard successfully and look great as well. There are just so many styles of beard that you can choose from. The extended goatee beard style, for instance, is one common style of beard that is welcomed by most men out there. It is up to you to finally choose the best style of beard that fits you. That said, be advised that it is never that easy to grow any beard style; there are up to 9 different types of beard styles that you can choose from. For you to succeed in keeping a beard style you will have to follow a certain beard routine care regimen and be disciplined at it.
Men with beard
In this article, we are going to show you how you can easily and successfully grow full facial hair. We are also going to talk about some good beard styles out there that you can choose from. First things first, here below we are giving you some basic beard growth care and tips with explanations. It is imperative that we help you, first master, the art of growing beards then later we’ll introduce you to the beard styles you can opt for.

Let nature take its course

It is a known fact that genetics play a crucial role in determining the amount of beard a man grows on his face. There those men who will easily grow beards in the shortest time while there those who will take longer. If you are the type of man whose beard takes longer to grow, it is better for you to accept this fact. Perhaps it may because your dad also never had lots of beards on his face. This, however, doesn’t mean that you give up on your quest to grow a beard. It only means that you may have to be a little patient. Having this understanding helps you to know exactly how to cope and deal with your case. This, in the long run, will help you to get what you want in the end.

Have a Clear understanding why you want to keep beards

You need to know why you want to keep beards in the first place before you actually do it. It is just like setting goals in your life that you would like to achieve. It is best to know why you are keeping beards.

You may want to keep beards for you to look more masculine, elegant, to be confident, or perhaps your lover is persuading you to do so. So, whatever your reason for wanting to keep your beard, please know what your goal is and then focus on it.

How are you going to handle the first week?

Growing beards is no Tom, Dick and Harry play, it involves much and you must be prepared for everything that comes with it. The first week of growing your beard especially if it is your first time doing so may be quite challenging. The appearance of beards on your face for the first time may not only make you feel strange yourself but also look so to your close associates. That aside, there is also the urge that will come prodding you to shave it. You may want to shave it perhaps because you may see yourself as looking weird or due to intense itching. Whatever the issues that come up, it is advisable to instead remain focused on keeping it. You better also steer clear the temptation of wanting to scratch it often because for sure it will feel itchy. Scratching it all the time comes with it the risk of causing an infection on the bruises caused by excessive scratching.
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There are various ways that you can use rid yourself of beard itch once you have decided to keep your beards. You can start by going for good quality beard oil. You will also have to ensure that you keep your beard clean by washing it regularly. You need to do this on a daily basis and use a beard shampoo or conditioner. Cleaning your beards will greatly help you the agony of itchiness so that you can remain steadfast in your resolve to keep them. As your beard keep on maturing, the itchiness may come back. Of course, it won’t be of the same intensity as that you experienced when you first started keeping them. As your beard matures, you will have mastered the art of making it softer and also trimming it.

Some of the common beard styles

Now that you have grown your beard and your face is full of a beard, what next to do you do? The answer to this question is simple, choosing the right beard style that is suitable for you. Please note that there are different face shapes. Every face shape requires its own unique beard style that will make it look great and elegant.

Let’s take a look at some of the common beard style amongst men of this age below.

1. The Bandholz beard style

This is one of the popular beard styles of this age that was made popular by a man called Eric Bandholdz. He is the founder of Beardbrand, a movement that encourages men to grow their beard to the limits. Due to this, Eric received negative comments something that led him to abandon his job. He is now involved in selling beard care products including scissors, washes, oils etc.
Bandholz beard Style
This beard style is a good match for men with oblong, oval, inverted triangle, diamond and triangle faces

2. The Extended Goatee beard style

Extended goatee beard is also another popular beard style that is loved by men across the board. It is also sometimes known as Hollywoodian or the tailback. It is basically a combination of the mustache and a goatee. It is quite different from the full beard style because with it you will take cut off the hair on your sideburns.
Extended Goatee beard

3. The Balbo beard style

This is yet another great beard style that will accentuate your facial look so that ladies will be attracted to you. It is one beard style that has impressed the likes of actor Robert Downey Jr. This is an accomplished American film actor who has starred in movies such as Ironman and the Avengers.
Balbo beard Style
This beard style is ideal for you if you got a chin that’s narrow.

4. Circle beard style

This style features a combination of mustache and rounded goatee. If you will not let your beards go but still want to look tidy then this is the best beard style for you. It will still make you look presentable and cool as well.

It is ideal for men with round and oval face shapes.
Circle beard style

5. The friendly mutton chops beard style

This beard style is also commonly referred to as side whiskers or sideburns. Please note that the term is known as “sideburns” was derived from a famous America Civil War general known as Ambrose Burnside.

This beard style is suited for men who have a circular face or those with square face shape.
Mutton chops beard style

6. The Full Beard Style

This is one beard style that is considered by many a manly style and has been around since time immemorial. In fact, it can be traced back to Babylonian times when men used to keep their beards long. If you keep your full beard well groomed and treated, you stand to look very attractive to people! You never know, you may become one of the most sought men amongst women in your area.

The full beard style is ideal for men who have inverted triangle, triangle or diamond face shapes.
Full Beard Style

7. The Garibaldi Beard style

The Garibaldi beard style is one style that works well for men who may not have the time to care for their beard. You will, however, need to trim it once in a while to make you look fabulous.

This beard style is ideal for men who have a rectangular or oval face.
Garibaldi Beard style

8. The Short Stubble Beard style

This is one popular beard style amongst men that doesn’t require detailed care and treatment of the others. It helps to accentuate the manly look while at the same time making you look tidy.

It is ideal for all face shapes you will find in the world.
Short Stubble Beard style

9. The Medium Stubble Beard Style

Unlike the short stubble beard style, the medium stubble beard style involves keeping the beard longer. You will keep your beards longer to at least 3mm long before you can trim to get achieve the medium stubble look.

It is well suited for all face shapes so basically any man out there can try it.
Medium Stubble Beard Style

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