Benefits of Custard Apple

There is no denying the fact that fruits are great for health. Every fruit has health benefits, despite differences in their colors, taste and sizes. You must however, know the correct way to consume the fruit to get the maximum benefits.

Custard Apple is one of the fruits that have recently shot into the limelight for its numerous health benefits, especially for skin and hair. You can include custard apple in your diet to get these benefits.

Health Benefits of Custard Apple

  1. Helps you gain Weight

Custard Apple helps you to gain weight
Custard apple is rich in sugar content and high calories. For this reason, it is an ideal fruit for those individuals that want to gain weight. The sugars in custard apple help in improving your metabolism which in turn helps in better digestion and make you feel hungry. Therefore, if you are skinny and want something substantial that will help in increasing healthy weight you must include custard apple in your diet. Consuming one custard apple every day will help you gain weight and make you appear fuller.

  1. Boost your Energy Levels

Boost your Energy Levels
The present lifestyle that you follow these days leaves you dull and tired. No matter how much you exercise or eat, sleep or take rest; you find yourself struggling to get up the next day and lug yourself to work. This shows that your energy levels are down and you feel lethargic all the time. Custard apple in this regard comes as a savior. Consuming it will boost your energy levels. The fruit has the capability to fight exhaustion and eliminate weakness. In the long run, you will feel energized and vitalized all the time.

  1. Better Immune System

Better Immune System
Having a good immune system ensures that you remain illness free. Normal and seasonal ailments do not trouble those that have a good immune system. If you have a good immune system and you want to improve it further or if you have a poor system, consuming custard apple will be very beneficial.

Custard apples are full of antioxidants and have several vital vitamins. They keep the body inflammation at bay and help in boosting the immunity of the body. One serving of the fruit helps in keeping your body strong and illnesses away. The free radicals and pathogens that scavenge on your body are kept away when you consume this fruit regularly. Overall, custard apple helps in keeping you fit and illness free.

  1. Good for the Brain

Good for the Brain
Keeping the brain healthy is an important task to keep your overall health and the custard apple does just that. You need to keep the GABA neuron chemical levels up in the brain to keep the brain healthy and energetic. The chemical also helps in making you have a strong memory. Custard apple is known to be a good source of complex B vitamin. When you consume hundred grams serving of the fruit, you get around 0.6 grams of vitamin B6. This amounts to around one fifth of the amount of vitamins required by the brain to work well. In this regard, custard apple is also known to help patients that suffer from the Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Keep Anemia Away

Keep Anemia Away by Custard Apple
The problem of anemia means shortage of iron content in the body. You can find iron from several sources but not all of them might be as tasty and healthy as custard apple. As per the findings by the medical experts, custard apple has the ability to raise the iron content in your body and thereby cure anemia. The feeling of nausea and vomiting too can be eased out by consuming custard apple. If you are suffering from gout or the deficiency of vitamin B6, you must consume custard apple.

  1. Improve your Vision

Improve your Vision by Custard Apple
Custard apple is highly beneficial for those suffering from visionary issues or eye problems. Being a rich source of riboflavin and vitamin C, custard apple helps in destroying the free radicals in the body. This in turn helps in improving the eyesight to a large extent. Therefore, if you have poor vision and need to improve your optic health naturally, you can have one serving of custard apple every day.

  1. Maintain strong dental Health

Custard Apple Maintain strong dental Health
Munching on fruits is generally good as it helps in making the gums and teeth stronger. The skin of fruits when munched upon, leave the teeth and gums stronger. The same is the case with custard apple. Although custard apple is eaten after peeling the skin, you can get good dental health by chewing on the skin. You can peel out the fruit well, wash the skin and chew it to get the real dental benefits. The skin of the custard apple has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help in fighting against plaque formation and bacteria. So, the next time, you eat custard apple remember to eat the skin as well.

  1. Keep Cancer away, naturally

Keep Cancer away by custard apple
It is difficult to keep cancer away especially if it reaches a certain stage. Therefore, it is essential to consume such fruits and vegetables that keep away cancer, naturally. Custard apple in this regard is very helpful as it helps in killing the cancer cells. While the fruit has plenty of alkaloids and compounds such as acetogenin that help in keeping the cancer away and keeping your renal health, it is the bark that is very beneficial.

The bark of the tree of custard apples is rich in astringent and tannins. These compounds are used in herbal supplements that help in containing the cancer cells. They also help in preventing the spreading of the tumors. Here it must be remembered that in the process of working against the cancer cells, the compounds in the bark of the custard apple tree do not affect the healthy cells. The attacks by the free radicals in the body are neutralized by antioxidants asimicin and bullatacin that have anti cancer and anti-helminthes properties.

Both the fruit and the bark of custard apple have lots of fiber which helps in maintaining good colon health. Large amounts of toxic matter can be eliminated from the gut by consuming custard apple. This in turn helps in keeping the risks of liver and colon problems away. Women can keep themselves safe from breast cancer by consuming a serving of custard apple daily.

  1. Decreased risk of Arthritis

Decreased risk of Arthritis
You can consume custard apple to keep your bones strong and healthy. The fruit is rich in magnesium that helps in maintaining the water balance in the body. The pain and inflammation association with arthritis can be easily lowered by eating custard apple as it removes the acids from the bones and joints. The weakness of muscles that result in rheumatism can be easily cured by consuming custard apple. Bone health and development gets a boost when you eat custard apple as it is a rich source of calcium as well. Therefore, for overall bone health, you can have a serving of custard apple daily.

  1. Better Cardiovascular Health

Better Cardiovascular Health
Several fruits are known to boost the cardiovascular health and custard apple is one of these fruits. Having a good balance of sodium and potassium, custard apples help in controlling and regulating the blood pressure of the body. As mentioned earlier, the weakness of the muscles that can cause cramping or jerking can be kept at bay with custard apple due to the presence of high levels of magnesium in the fruit. You can keep the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol low by consuming custard apple. The niacin and fiber in the fruit help in this task while the good cholesterol or HDL levels get boosted up.

Promoting overall better cardiac health, custard apples do not allow the toxins or free radicals in the body to attack. They prevent the gut from absorbing cholesterol and thereby promoting overall health.

Health Benefits of Custard Apple in Pregnancy

Health Benefits of Custard Apple in Pregnancy
There is no denying the fact that custard apple is highly nutritious and is very beneficial for the overall health. In addition to its benefits, it is also very good if consumed during pregnancy. Here are the health benefits of custard apple during pregnancy:

  1. Prevents Premature Labor

The occurrence of premature labor pains indicates the need of more copper by the body. Women can consume custard apple to fulfill this requirement. The decreased levels of copper in the body during pregnancy not only lead to premature labor pains and delivery but can also hamper the development of the fetus. Custard apple is the ideal fruit to consume in this regard as it is a very good source of copper. In addition, it improves the hemoglobin levels in the body, which in turn help in the health growth of the fetus. Doctors might advice consumption of one serving of custard apple daily to pregnant women.

  1. Better Fetal skin and hair

Custard apple is not only rich in vitamin B as mentioned earlier but is a good source of vitamins A and C as well. Both these vitamins are vital for better hair and skin. When consumed by expectant mothers, custard apples help in bettering the skin and hair of the growing fetus. That is the reason why pregnant women can consume custard apple daily and maintain the fetal hair and skin.

  1. Better Fetal Brain Development

Every expectant mother wants her baby to grow well. For this, she will ensure that the diet intake that she takes is nutritious and healthy for her baby. Doctors in this regard, would recommend the consumption of custard apple as it is very good for the overall brain development of the unborn baby. The fact that custard apple is ideal for fetal brain development and overall growth, has been recognized by the European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical sciences.

Health Benefits of Custard Apple for Hair

Health Benefits of Custard Apple for Hair
Everybody wants beautiful and healthy hair. In the past few years, the health care industry has risen by leaps and bounds, thanks to the increased awareness and demand for good quality hair. You will find all sorts of chemically laced products that are touted to provide you good quality hair. However, if you are looking for better hair quality naturally, you must consume custard apple. Here are the health benefits of custard apple for hair:

  1. Increased levels of collagen

Better levels of collagen are known to be beneficial for hair. As a protein that is the main part of the scalp and the hair, collagen is what you need to take care of if you wish to have voluminous and frizz-free hair. Consumption of custard apples help in enhancing the working of collagen as it is rich in Vitamin C that helps in vitalizing collagen. With increased and better levels of collagen, you can expect better scalp maintenance and hair growth. You can consume the fruit to get overall benefits from it. Alternatively, you can make a paste of the flesh of the fruit and then apply this paste on hair once a week to get revitalized hair growth.

  1. Promotes moisturized and luxurious hair

Everyone desires of beautiful and shiny hair which is possible only when you consume highly nutritious food at all times. With the present lifestyles, this is not always possible and you tend to lose the sheen on your hair. Nevertheless, getting back the luxuriousness and moisture of the hair is easy with the consumption of custard apple.

You can get the health benefits of custard apple by way of using the oil of its seeds. The oil obtained from the seeds helps in softening coarse hair while taming the waves and frizz of the hair. To get shiny, voluminous and lustrous hair, you need to keep the scalp moisturized and this is exactly what the custard apple oil does. In addition, the rich content of Vitamin A keeps the hair protected from the harmful ultraviolet sunrays while keeping it hydrated. The best thing about custard apple seed oil is that it can be worn even when going out as it is light in weight and does not make the hair go limp.

  1. Keep away Scalp Infections

Scalp infections can cause serious damage to the hair while also bringing on problems like dandruff and flaky skin. You need to keep the scalp clean and healthy to avoid these problems. While regular head wash is a good idea to keep the scalp clean, you can also apply the paste of raw custard apple to keep the scalp infections at bay. The production and regulation of sebum that helps in hair growth is increased when you consume custard apple. Vitamin C in custard apple is what makes it great for hair and scalp.

  1. Premature Graying of hair Prevented

Premature graying of hair is caused due to the low levels of copper in the body. As a trace mineral, copper is found in adequate quantities in custard apple. It promotes the growth of melanin which is responsible for the natural color of the hair. When you consume custard apple, you boost the intake of copper which in turn helps in promoting high levels of melanin. This overall, helps in stopping the premature graying of hair.

  1. Better overall hair growth

Consumption of the fruit or the application of the paste is equally beneficial for the hair. You can get shiny, long, lustrous and thick hair if you include custard apple in your diet. Massaging of the paste of custard apple makes it reach the roots well and the nutrients are absorbed in a better manner nourishing the hair follicles. The iron content in the fruit helps in better oxygen circulation to the scalp which in turn stimulates hair growth.

  1. Eliminates Lice

Eliminate Lice by custard apple
Occurrence of lice in the hair can be very damaging. You can eliminate lice, infection and other pathogens from the hair by applying the paste of custard apple’s skin and flesh. This paste will also help you get rid of dandruff from the scalp. The antioxidants and enzymes in the fruit revitalize the skin and make the scalp strong.

Some Other Health Benefits of Custard Apple

Cure Acne

Cure Acne by custard apple
Everyone wants a blemish-free, glowing and healthy skin. Only large amounts of antioxidants in your diet can help you achieve acne and blemish free skin. Custard apple is a good source of antioxidants and vitamins which helps in promoting healthy skin. Moreover, it keeps the infection and pathogens away from the skin. Whether you consume the fruit or apply it topically, you can regulate the production of sebum which in turn controls the occurrence of acne.

You can make a paste of the flesh of custard apple and lime juice and apply this paste thrice a week to get acne-free skin. Acne or pimples are caused when the skin pores are closed. Custard apple helps in clearing the pores because of its anti-inflammatory properties. When the pores are clear and open, the acne eruptions are prevented.

Keep off Type 2 Diabetes

Keep off Type 2 Diabetes
Most diabetics have to keep away from high sugar content fruits. However, this is not the case with custard apple as it can be consumed by diabetics as well. In fact the fruit is known to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. The fruit is known to have fiber content which helps in lowering the absorption of sugar in the body. Moreover, those with a sweet tooth can easily consume custard apple and satiate their urge to consume something sweet that is harmless.

Better Digestive System

Better Digestive System
For those suffering from digestive issues, custard apple can be like a boon. The fruit is known to remove the harmful free radicals or toxins from the body and enhance the functioning of the intestines. This in turn leads to better bowel movements. Problems like acid reflux, heartburn, ulcers and gastritis can be prevented by consuming custard apple every day.

Here it is important to remember that to get the maximum digestive benefits from custard apple; you must eat it in the dried and unripe form. Diarrhea, loose motions and dysentery can be controlled with the fruit as well. For those that suffer from constipation, consuming custard apple will be helpful as it is full of fiber and adds bulk to the stools.

How to Take Custard Apple

How to Take Custard Apple

  • The best way to eat custard apple is by cutting it into half and scooping out the ripe flesh. To make it tastier and flavored, you can add a pinch of rock salt.
  • Another good way of consuming custard apple is by freezing it. You can scoop out the flesh, de-seed it and make a paste of the flesh. The puree can be put in a tray and frozen. Nuts and more fruits can be added to the puree to make it more delicious.
  • Adding water to the puree of the flesh of custard apple will leave you with its sorbet, which is again very refreshing and healthy.
  • The flesh of the fruit can be added to yogurt, cakes and muffins.
  • The puree of the fruit can be applied to the face and hair as a pack and you will be amazed by the results that you get.


Finally, it can be said that custard apple is a wonder fruit with so many health benefits. It is not good just for one organ or part of the body but for all. If you are looking forward to having better skin, hair and overall health, you must include custard apple in your diet.

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