How to grow hair naturally

Stimulating The Growth Of Hair: Why Do You Even Need It ?

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Nowadays, hair fall has become a serious problem for all and sundry. Once we are done combing our head, we found more hair in our combs than we have along with us right now. All of us find this sheer irritating, and embarrassing too.

So, to get rid of this problem, the growth of your hair needs to be stimulated. Now you must be thinking, “How do I do this?” Don’t worry – here are some pro-tips for you to stimulate your hair growth.


Hair loss or alopecia (the medical term of hair loss) is triggered by lots of causes.

All of us are prone to lose a lot of hair. Well, in most of the cases it’s normal. But, due to a lot of cause, we lose hair more than the usual, and that’s where the problem lies.

There are thousands of causes of hair loss. Here are some common causes of it.

  1. Pregnancy

It is also one kind of stress that triggers hair fall. Especially when the baby is born, hair loss is more common than actually during the pregnancy period.
Hair Loss During Pregnancy

  1. Stress

Any kind of physical stress or trauma – be it an accident or an illness, or severe workload can be the cause of hair loss for a temporary phase. Although, your hair will grow again as you recover from it.
Hair Loss due to Stress

  1. Aging

Aging is a natural cause of hair loss. As you grow old, the percentile of the loss of your hair will increase gradually.
Aging Hair Fall

  1. Male Pattern Baldness:

Two out of three people, usually male, face hair fall by their 60’s. The main cause behind this is male pattern baldness – caused by several male sex hormones and a combo of genes.
Male Pattern Baldness

  1. Androgenetic Alopecia:

Androgenetic alopecia is exactly the same as male pattern baldness, but there is a subtle difference – it is actually the female version of it.
Androgenetic Alopecia

  1. Lack of protein:

Lack of protein, being one of the major causes of hair fall, triggers hair fall more often.
Lack of protein

  1. Heredity:

Heredity is one major cause of hair fall. If your ancestors have experienced hair falls at a certain age, then you are more prone to lose hair also.
Heredity Hair Fall

  1. Hypothyroid:

When our thyroid gland goes underactive, it reduces the production of hormones essential for metabolism and development of our body (Hypothyroidism) – leading to hair fall.
Hypothyroid Hair Fall

  1. Sudden loss of weight:

If you begin to lose your weight all of a sudden – don’t be extremely happy, for it also causes hair fall! Yes, it actually does – for sudden weight loss stresses your body and result in a deficiency of necessary proteins, vitamins,and minerals!
Sudden loss of weight

  1. Anemia:

Anemia – a disease caused by the deficiency of iron in your body, is also a noted cause of hair fall.
Anemia Hair Fall

  1. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy:

Amongst many other causes of hair fall, this also falls under the category.
Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

  • Steroids and antidepressants:

Consuming steroids and antidepressants also promote the loss of hair. Apart from these, blood thinners, certain medicines of blood pressure are known to cause hair fall.
Steroids and Antidepressants

  • PCOS:

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, that is, an excess of androgens that lead to ovarian cysts, diabetes, infertility and also, hair fall.

Apart from these, there are also a lot of causes.

It’s not always possible to prevent oneself from all of the above-mentioned cause, but what you can do is, you can follow some instructions to stimulate your hair growth.
PCOS Hair Fall


You must have started thinking by now, that how does hair grow?

There is a cycle.

Hair starts growing from a root, which is made of protein cells. Now, blood from various blood vessels in scalp feeds the root, that creates more and more cells and causes the hair grow. The hair grows very fast – although, 6 inches a year.

When it pokes out of the skin, it dies. So, we don’t feel any pain while we are having a haircut. Rest of your body’s hair goes through this cycle also. To encourage your hair growth, you can use the following tips:

Live a healthier life:

Living a healthier life can actually stimulate the growth of your hair! Firstly, you need to get plenty of sleep – at least 8-9 hours every night. Stress can reduce the level of vitamins and proteins that are necessary to increase hair growth. Also, try to live a disciplined life as well – as we all know, “Early to bed and early to rise…”

Serene woman sleeping at night in the bedroom
Serene woman sleeping at night in the bedroom

Always stay hydrated:

Try to stay hydrated always. An adequate level of water in your body helps cells to grow and reproduce more and more! Also, staying hydrated helps you to remain fresh, and helps to prevent lots of diseases. Try to drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day.
Drink More Water

Consume foods rich in proteins and Vitamins:

Our hairs are made of one kind of protein named Keratin. So, in order to stimulate hair growth, you must consume foods that are rich in proteins, such as lentils, soya beans, lean meats, nuts etc. Also, to improve the health of your scalp, consume foods which are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and iron, such as Sweet potatoes, Carrots, Guava, Papaya etc. Also, try to consume bananas, eggs, olive oil, raisin etc. – that also helps you to maintain your scalp healthier.
Proteins and Vitamins

Use conditioner:

Usage of conditioners helps increase the growth of your hair. Every time you shampoo, apply conditioner after that. Conditioner keeps your scalps healthier and prevents damages from occurring – a guardian of your hair actually.
Use Conditioner For Hair

Rinse your head with cold water after every shower:

This really helps to encourage hair growth and keep your hair healthier for a longer span. It actually helps prevent heat damage and moisture loss.
Rinse With Cold Water

Brush your hair at least twice in a day:

Brushing your hair twice in a day helps removing dirt, dust and increases blood supply. So, brush your hair twice in a day – preferably in the morning and in the night, while going to bed. But, remember – don’t brush your hair when it is wet. Instead of that, comb your wet hairs gently with a wide-toothed comb.
Brush your hair

Don’t always shampoo:

Shampoo rinses off dirt and dandruff from our hair, but what most of us are unaware of is – it also washes away natural oils from our hair, which keep our hair healthier. So, don’t always shampoo.

Apply coconut oil once in a week:

Applying coconut oil once in a week helps to stimulate your hair growth. Use organic and virgin coconut oil for better results. Apply the oil gently all over your hair. Then cover it with a cap, and use a hair dryer to apply heat. You can do it without a hair dryer also – and that’s better in fact. This treatment helps the scalps become more and more healthy.
Coconut Oil

Apply oils other than coconut oil also:

Applying various types of oils works magically. Oils, such as lavender, cedar wood, grape seed oil, palm oil are rich in vitamins and help your hair grow faster.
Here are some methods of how should you use these oil –


  • Combine two drops of rosemary, lavender, cedar wood, thyme and jojoba oils, and massage your hair with it thrice to 5 times in a week.
  • Apply Grape seed oil to your scalp daily (or, twice or thrice a week if your hair gets too oily).
  • Use Palm oil to your hair once or twice a week.
    Palm oil

Don’t bleach!

Do you bleach more often? Or once in a month? Or in a year? Well, if you care about your hair, STOP BLEACHING! The chemical ingredients of bleach cause the hair to fall more often, and can cause a permanent damage even!

Trim regularly:

If you want your hair to grow well, trim on a regular basis. But, don’t always trim – trim it only when you need it. Although, some hair specialists say that if you have a healthy hair, you don’t even need to trim.
Trim Hair

Clean your comb and hair brushes regularly:

Treat your combs and hair-brushes like your own children – clean them more often, if you want a healthy hair.

Pamper your hair:

Pamper your hair always, because your hair needs it. Don’t damage it, and give it the things it likes the most. Massage it more often, and gently. Be gentle with your hair, and it wouldn’t leave you ever unless you cut it off.

Woman having a scalp massage
Woman having a scalp massage

Some more tips:

  1. Use satin pillows instead of cotton pillows. It’s softer, and you won’t wake up with lots of hair attached to your pillow.Satin Pillows
  2. Stop applying chemical products to your hair. It damages hair a lot.


To conclude with – remember, hair is a very sensitive and thing. If you really value it, don’t let it fall. It also needs care and patience to grow.

Lead a disciplined life. Not only it encourages the growth of your hair, but it also helps you live longer and healthier.

If you can abide by all of the above-mentioned processes, you will certainly experience a stimulating growth of hair – this is assured.

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