Best Kurtis to wear without Leggings

When you look out for a style that is not really seen in the markets, you can opt for the kurtis that you can wear without leggings. There is a number of kurtis that falls within this variety, and you can further boost up your looks with these variations. After all, you will make a difference in the way you look. So, when you desire to go straight to the fashionable trends that have been dominating the market, you will surely be able to customize your choices with all these kurtis. Kurtis without leggings are now in fashion and the fact is that ladies do look awesome in this style. You can take a look at the Bollywood divas and you will find that they love it too and many of the talented actresses are seen in many events in kurtis without leggings. Trust us they look too cool and elegant.

Here are a few kurtis, fashionable in nature that you can wear without leggings.

  • Dhoti style kurti: You may like the dhoti style kurti, which comes with a lot of similarity to the traditional dhoti men used to wear. Choose the beige colour with resham work at the bottom. When you wear this kurti, you will need no leggings as it comes up to the ankle with decent folds. These are not for casual wear, and you need to use this kurtis for occasions and parties. There are not many colour variations of the attire, and one natural look of the dhoti style d kurti is enough to captivate the eyes.
    Dhoti Styled Kurtis
  • Melodic Viscose Georgette Kurti: This is a beautiful kurti that comes with a nice combination of red and beige. There are beautiful floral designs that line up the attire. The waistline is attractive, where the two colour combinations meet. Apart from this, there are various fabrics across which you need to choose the attire. So, if you are looking out for a cool yet dynamic kurti to make a difference, you can simply count on this particular variation. Apart from the gloss of the kurti, you will also get a charm with the contrasting colours that make up the dress. The length of the kurti reached up to the ankle, so you will have no need for a legging.
    Viscose Georgette Kurti
  • Orange and Off White Designer Kurti: This is a popular variation of the kurti, and there are bright colours to make you look vibrant. You can get in touch with this kurti when you want a fashionable look. These are made offaux georgette, cotton as well as net fabrics and you will find a lot of varieties to choose from. All you need to do is to get in touch with the right fabric and make sure that you look beautiful.
    Orange and Off White Designer Kurti
  • Fire Dhoti Style Kurti: To make a change, you can bank on this particular variety of dhoti. There is not much difference with the original dhoti style kurti, but you will enjoy a good look once you are in touch with this style. There are different shades of which these are available, and you can definitely go for the blue shade that will make you look bright. The main difference of this style with the dhoti style is that the colour variation matters a lot. This one is a lot vibrant and will make you look young. However, it will look a bit shorter than the original one and if you are ready to cope up with a knee-length kurti, here is your ideal choice.
    Fire Dhoti Style Kurti
  • Fire Printed Kurti: These are trendy and comes up with nice patches of deep colour like purple. There are other accessories that you need to wear with this one to make the look complete. For instance, you may want to get fashionable footwear along with this, to a necklace bold and bright enough, or a set of earrings that will make you look really great. Apart from this, you will have a young look, as the kurti flares up near the knee. All you need to do is to make sure whether this goes well with your skin and complexion, as people with dark skin do not look bright in this style.
    Fire Printed Kurti
  • Chiffon Kurti: With flared up bottoms and vibrant colours, this is one of the best kurtis that you can opt for. There are different features that come as a part and parcel with this kurti. Look out for a contrasting belt when you wear this kurti, also make sure that you have chosen the right embroidery that comes at the sleeves. Altogether, you will have a great look when you are wearing this variety and the best accessory to avail with this kurti is a black footwear. This will make the look complete.
    Chiffon Kurti
  • Viva N Diva Pink Georgette Kurti: Among the new fashionable trends that have dominated the markets, this is the best one. These are not for casual wears. These can be worn without the leggings. Occasions and parties are the best places to wear this kurtis. These are elegant and grand looking attired that deliver a good look to you. There are stripes in the back that make it look trendier. Apart from this, you will enjoy the pleats in the neck area. There are different types of embroidery on the hem of the kurti, and you will like the styles that are available in the market.
    Viva N Diva Pink Georgette Kurti
  • Lime Green Straight Cut Kurti: These are made of digitally printed materials and you will like the lime green kurtis. People with moderate complexion are suitable for this design and you will get the right chance to boost up your looks with these styles. You will really get a glamourous look once you get in touch with this style. So, look out for the best kurti that you can avail for yourself. This one comes with a frail design on the neck and you will like the way you look when you wear this kurti.
    Lime Green Straight Cut Kurti

There are other kurtis in the market which you will be able to wear without leggings. These are the most fashionable ones and you will definitely like to get a touch with these trendy clothes. Apart from this, they are unique in their own ways, and come across various price ranges. So, you are free to browse through the varieties and customize your choice.

Where to buy elegant and sophisticated kurtis to wear without leggings?

The fact is that if you are looking to shop for any dress or outfit there is no other best destination other than the online stores. The question will surely come to your mind as why to go for online store if there are so many retail stores where you can visit and pick the kurti of your choice and preference and that too of your size and measurement. To give an answer to your query we will ask you some questions.

  • Will you prefer to face the crowd in the market to buy your favorite kurti?
  • Do you have the energy to roam from one store to the other for finding the best kurti for you?
  • Can your retail store show you as much variety as the online store can show you?
  • Will you love to go back to the retail store if you realize after reaching home that the dress is not of your size?

The answers to the above questions will give you the reply for your query. The fact is that you don’t need to move from one store to other while you shop online as here you get N numbers of choices to pick from. The prices of online stores are much less in comparison to the retail outlets. The product you buy gets delivered to your doorstep within given timeline. If you are not happy with the quality or size of the kurti then easy exchange offers are now made available for the online buyers. Shopping online is fun and here you will get the latest designed and styled kurtis which you can wear without a legging.

If you are willing to bring a difference in your look then make sure to pick the right kurti of right style and right fabric. There may be some kurtis which will not look cool on you and you need to have the sense to understand it. Select color and style which suits you. Expensive kurti does not mean good quality kurti so be cautious while shopping for kurtis especially the one which are not to wear with leggings.  In any case, you feel that you are not making the right choice for you, then take help of one such person who knows you better and aware which style of kurti will go well with you. Kurti’s without leggings are now in craze and women of this era like it a lot. We are sure that you will like it too. Look stylish; look beautiful and elegant in kurtis without leggings.

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