7 new & stylish ways to wear a basic kurti

If you happen to be really experimental with the clothes, there are several variations that you can try out. And when it comes to kurtis, there are limitless possibilities, all depending on how you plan to implement them. One can wear a kurti in different ways, and all these styles are to be customized to perfection. When you are in search for fashion, you are free to set your choices loose and explore a vast arena of possibilities when you look out for the ideal attire. After all, the looks and attitudes are subject to the personal choices, preferences, and aptitudes, so when you plan to get a great look, all you need to do is to experiment with the different styles of wearing a kurtis.

Here are seven ways in which you can wear a kurti and you are free to try these out one by one when you like to boost up your looks.

  1. Kurti with Palazzo Pants: These are one of the best styles that will make you look out of the box. Apart from this, you will always have the new, dynamic and outgoing element in your looks when you plan to get in touch with this new style. You can call it a fusion of different dressing customs, and once you find that you are a part of the tradition; you can start off experimenting with different colours. As long as the contrast and colour do not pose any objection, you are free to customize your looks. At the end of the day, you will get the chance to boost up your looks. One of the best colour options for you is to get the yellow kurtis with deep blue pants.
  2. Kurti with Jeans: These are also a part of the new tradition that has made their ways into the mainstream. You can have a great and gorgeous look when you wear the kurti with jeans. There is no point denying that kurtis are well-matched with the traditional leggings, but when you want really something new, you can get in touch with this style. There are numerous options that come to you when you look at the great variations. For instance, people with a fair complexion cam go for a darker shade of jeans with a lighter top. Others, with medium complexion, can always choose the lighter shades of jeans with designer kurtis. And when it comes to the design of kurtis, you can always opt for the outgoing trends in the market. After all, there are vast possibilities and options pen for you and you are free to opt for the right option.
  3. Kurti with Skirt: Well, try this out for a change. There are different styles to wear kurtis, but nothing comes close to this one. This is the Bohemian style where you get the perfect combination of cross-cultural attires. The kurtis can be worn with skirts. So, when you wear this combination, you will get the perfect ethnic attire. All you need to do is to explore the different categories and styles of the kurtis. You can get the kurtis that does not flare up at the bottom. This will make it possible for you to ensure that the skirt looks perfect. For a better combination, you can choose the dark coloured skirts with the lighter tops. After all, you will have the perfect combination to choose. Red kurtis with black-based skirts to yellow kurtis with chocolate brown skirts are very much in the trend.
  4. Kurti with Leggings: There is nothing new about this style. You can make a lot of variations with the way you are wearing the leggings and kurti. There are different fits of the leggings. In case you are looking for the formal attire, you can go for a medium fit. Apart from that, people like wearing these for casual and party wears. So, you are free to choose the fittings of the leggings and this will make the look tailored. Along with these, there are a number of colour options that you can choose from. Apart from the formal colours like brown, navy blue and black, people can get in touch with other casual colours as well. At the end of the day, you will have to choose your look from the right combinations that are available in the market. This is really a vast opportunity and you are free to choose your colour and designs as per your needs and aptitudes.
  5. Kurti with Patiala Salwar: This is really a good combination of attires that you can opt for. The looks of this style are sort of desi, and you will enjoy the innovative blend of culture and beauty when you are in touch with these clothes. There are different types of salwar to pick from and you can make your choice based on the right colour combinations, fabrics and the overall look of the dress. Adding to the trends, you can use a dupatta as well, and this is the right combination for any person seeking a change.
  6. Kurti with Cigarette Pants: These are now very much in the market. You can choose this combination to create a smart yet pleasing look. Apart from the classy style that the combination delivers, you will have the perfect chance to get a smart look when you get in touch with this style. To make things easier, choose beige of light coloured pants, and this will go well with different tops.
  7. Kurti with Jeggings: Well, continuing with the experimental styles, you can get a nice and smart look with the perfect combination of colour and body shape. Choose light blue of blue jeggings with a dark coloured kurti and this will really look great.

With all these styles, there several looks hat you can have. When you are in the hunt for a new way to present yourself, you are free to bring thee combinations into your wardrobe.

What are popular types of fabrics available for kurtis for Indian women?

A kurti looks beautiful when quality materials are used in its making. India is one such country of this world which is known for making some of the superior quality fabrics of the fashion world. Exclusive dresses are prepared with use of these fabrics. If you are looking for best kurtis of great style and quality then it is important for you to know the different types of fabrics which are used in the making of the kurtis which is available on the leading fashion stores.

  • Cotton: The soft and comfortable fabric are best suited for summer seasons. You can find excellent quality kurtis online made out of cotton fabric. The best part of this fabric is that you can try any types of styles for kurtis using cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is not only popular in India but also across the globe. Cotton kurtis can be tried in any occasion and any event.
  • Silk: If you are looking for a kurti for some special occasion which you are going to attend, then kurtis made out of exclusive quality silk will be the best choice. The elegance and sophisticated look of silk can give you appearance a smart and cool look. Leading fashion brands are making kurtis out of silk fabric. Silk stands for luxury.
  • Georgette: Georgette is a light weight fabric and a kurti made out of this fabric will make you look stunningly beautiful. You need to remember that Georgette takes the shape of the body and if you are having a hefty figure then avoid using Georgette kurti.
  • Chiffon: Kurtis made of chiffon looks awesome on any lady of any shape and figure. It really very light and comes in various shades and colours.
  • Velvet: Velvet kurtis are best for festive occasions only; the reason behind this is that it gives a heavy and shinning look which is just too perfect for a stylish and gorgeous look.

The online stores are the best destinations where you can get some exclusively designed stylish yet basic kurtis. By visiting these stores you will get the chance to check the wide varieties of styles and patterns. Another advantage of shopping online is that here you will get kurtis of various price range. Basic kurtis are priced low, but they are high in demand. The price varies because of the fabrics which are used in its making. You can consult a fashion expert to know which type of basic kurti and what fabric will be best suited for you. You are special and so your kurtis need to be special too. More and more online stores are coming up in the market to satisfy the need and love for kurtis for the Indian women. If you want to look smart, stylish, elegant, gorgeous and sophisticated then go for the best designed basic kurtis available online for your collection.

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