Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery is quite popular in India

Indian women love jewellery the most and many of them do invest huge amounts in obtaining their most favorite jewellery. Though you may find different types of jewellery that has been made using various stones that might include the Czeds, diamond stones, rubies, kundans or polki, the Kundan sets are the most common jewellery which any one would choose primarily. This is because the Kundan sets are known for the royalty and luxury. So generally, the Kundan sets will be chosen for the bride on her wedding day so as to make her look like the real princess.

Kundan jewellery is well known among Indian women as they love the various jewelries that have been made using different sized kundans. The Kundan art has been obtained from Rajasthan and Gujarat through the Mughals. As these kundans are big in size it would be possible to wear the heavy sets that would add more look to you.

Kundan Art

If you are the one who is looking forward to buying the most luxurious jewellery that would come within your budget then it’s the time for you to get a good and affordable Kundan jewellery set. Though the Kundan sets are a traditional way of wearing the jewellery now a days you can find the latest and unique designer jewellery which has been made by the professional and expert people who know exactly how to give you the best design.

Unique Designer Kundan Jewellery

They make everything possible for you and can even provide you with customized Kundan jewellery as well. This is not just pertained to gold but you can even go for the artificial jewellery that would be very much affordable for one and one. If you cannot spend huge amounts in obtaining gold Kundan set then you can go for the artificial one as well.

Origin of Kundan

Though now-a-days you can find that many of them are buying Kundan jewellery these are actually the traditional gemstones which have been originated from Rajasthan and Gujarat and now it has spread to all parts of India. Earlier Mughals used to wear these Kundan sets and later the artists have moved to other places of India and this is how the culture of wearing the Kundan sets came. Rajasthan is well known for the professional and well-experienced jewellery artists who can make the finest and best Kundan jewellery of your choice. This is now not just confined to Rajasthan but you can find special Kundan artists in different places of India as well. Due to the demand for the heavy and simple Kundan sets, the big jewellery stores are creating unique and latest fashionable Kundan jewellery which can be worn either on traditional or the western attire as well.

Rajasthani Kundan Jewellery

These can either be gifted from your grand moms or your loved one can even buy one for as this would add more beauty to women. Whatever might be the occasion the Kundan jewellery is most commonly used in India. People of different cultures do love to go for the Kundan jewellery which has been used by the Indian kings and queens. You can find more detailed information about the origin of Kundan jewellery online and can find the latest designs and patterns that you are looking for online. Whether you are wearing a saree, salwar suit or a long skirt the Kundan jewellery would be best suitable. It can be worn by any one irrespective of age group. Depending on the size and heaviness of the jewellery that you would like to wear you can choose the big Kundan sets as well.

What is Kundan jewellery?

Kundans are stones which have been used by people from decades. Kings and queens would always wear the jewellery which has been made using the different kinds of kundans. Though the making of Kundan jewellery is a very big step by step process the results would be amazing. The entire process had to be managed by the skilled labor. Once the stone has been placed in the golden sheet then the lac will be applied on to the sheet so that it would fix the stone in the right way. This is actually used as a resin which will be used to keep the stones fixed in the jewellery using the hot coal as well. To make the stone get completely fixed in the jewellery the artists do pour the 24 karat gold on to the holes of jewellery and this is known as Kundan. Some might even use this kundan i.e. the 24 karat gold with the help of a small stick.

Gold Plated Kundan Necklace

In order to make sure that the stones are perfectly fixed in the jewellery you need to make sure to make the frames in the jewellery in the right way. The frame might be an ear ring, necklace or any other pendant. Once you are able to make the frame correctly it would be very easy for you to keep the stones properly and welded. Once the entire process is completed perfectly they will then clean the jewellery so as to remove the dark spots which have been made due to the welding process. The kundan jewellery is not just made in pure gold but you can even find the imitation jewellery as well which might be very much affordable to one and all. So when you go for this kind of imitation jewellery it would be possible for you to save a lot of amounts and can prevent investing huge amounts on gold jewellery.

Difference between the Polki and Kundan jewellery

Indian women always love to wear the wide range of beautiful jewellery which they can find in the market. When you look in to the jewellery stores you could find a variety of jewellery which has been made using various stones whether it be the czeds, diamonds, Polki, Kundan stones and much more. The price of the jewellery always depends on the amount of gold that it has along with the type and carrots of stones embedded in the jewellery. Most of them don’t know the main difference between the polki and kundans and think that both are one and the same. So to clear all your doubts here are the list of differences which you need to know between the Polki and Kundan stones. Though Polki and Kundan remind us about the Mughal heritage the kundans are even older when compared to polki.

Polki Jewellery

The polki jewellery uses the uncut diamonds whereas the kundans use glass imitations. Polki is actually the unfinished diamonds which have been mined from the ground and used the same way without any kind of alterations or polish. Whereas kundan is a form of glass which might be precious as well as semi-precision which depend on the type of stone which you are using. It is polished to get more shine and beauty to the jewellery. Polki became famous from the Mughals who used these stones the same way and the Kundan have originated from Rajasthan and it’s a kind of art which has been shown by the various craftsmen who perform detailing of the different Kundan stones to meet the needs of customers.

Kundan Stones

Available at various prices

If you love wearing the heavy jewellery then the kundan worked jewellery designs would best suite you. These are mostly worn for weddings as they want to appear like a princess and special as never before. This needs specialized work so as to make the jewellery unique and best looking. Based on the pattern of jewellery that you have chosen the price range of Kundan jewellery might vary. You can find a number of online stores where you can find simple and elegant to heavy and most attractive Kundan jewellery that you might be looking for. These are not just gold jewellery but you can even find the imitation jewellery as well when it comes to the Kundan jewellery. So based on your affordability you can choose any kind of jewellery that would come within your budget.

Online Kundan Jewellery

Now-a-days with the increase in a number of online users, there have been numbers of online jewellery stores which have been managed by people from different parts of the world. So it would be very easy for you to find the best and unique Kundan designed gold or imitation jewellery that you are planning to buy. Different range of products can be found at one place and so you need not visit each and every single store that is available in the market. If you are aware of the good quality of Kundan stones then it would be very easy for you to choose the best one that would last for a longer period of time and the one that would come within your budget. At the online stores, you can find different designs that have been uniquely designed especially to meet the varying needs and specifications of individuals of different cultures. If you have any queries or would like to know more in detail about the various Kundan jewellery, make sure to visit the relevant online sources.

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