Lehenga Style Saree: The Ideal Dress to Steal The Show

With the transformation in fashion trend, people like to experiment with extra completely different designs and thus, arrived the construct of the lehenga style saree which is the blend of lehenga, choli, and the dress. In terms of the example, both lehenga and choli are the simplest of old apparels for Indians besides saree, definitely. Whenever there is any type of ceremony, then the main concept that crosses the mind is to look gorgeous and steal the ultimate amount attention as possible. With the support of quality lehenga style saree, made with bright colour shades and significant motifs, you will easily flip heads while ample effort.

Lehenga Saree Style

If you find traditional dresses boring, then go for the gorgeous lehenga saree. This elegant saree is really in trend these days. Even the brides also like this saree over the conventional ones as it offers them an edge in terms of convenience and fashion.

The fact is that at first, the lehengas were ankle length wrapper around the skirts. The rich class wore longer lehengas, the middle class wore ankle length ones, and the tribal wore the short lehengas. These lehengas sarees are available in various designs and cuts.

The lehenga saree is exceptional and unique; stitched from net, georgette, faux, tissue, and cotton. Additionally, they are embellished with thread, zardozi work, mirror work, bead and thread embroidery, tie and patchwork, and dye.

Net Lehenga Saree

The colours of the lehenga style saree:

Keeping with the festivals, this designer saree is available in bright colours like green, blood red, maroon, and blue for bridal wearing. Other excellent colours like purple, orange, rust, and yellow are similarly famous and are paired with high heels and chunky jewelleries.

Bridal Lehenga Style Saree

Always check on the colour before selecting any particular colour mixture and take a look at your experiment with new trend every time you are going to buy these old apparels.

Multicolour Lehenga Style Saree

The styles of the lehenga choli:

The umbrella cut lehenga cholis have given way to panelled lehengas, kali Ghagharalehengas, A-line lehengas, mermaid cut, straight cut, and fish cut. If you’re slimmer, then you can choose the flared ones and if you’re heavier, then just go with an A-line lehenga.

Fish And Straight Cut Lehenga

Aside from the lehenga cuts, you can stitch your choli also differently. It could be stitched short only covering the breasts or simply a long jacket-like blouse. Significantly, the dupatta is mandatory in this lehenga choli and you can stylise it differently for having a trendy and chic look.

Jacket Lehenga

The popular lehenga styles:

Panelled lehenga:

This style has a designer appearance to it because it has many flares. Lots of space for creativity is there in this lehenga style like different embroideries on every panel, patch work on different pleats etc.

Panelled lehenga

Straight cut:

This style of lehenga is perfect for the women who are bulkier as it makes an illusion of a slimmer body. This one is the most common one.

Straight Cut Lehenga Choli

Mermaid cut or fishtail:

This cut provides you with a tight fit from the waist to the thigh portion. At the bottom, there are flares. A slimmer lady must give this style of lehenga a try as it improves her gorgeous figure.

Fish Cut Lehenga

Circular cut:

This style lehenga has numerous pleats on the waist sides. Thereby, it’s highly suitable for the athletic body. The flares and pleats add lots of volumes as well as elegance to this lehenga.

Circular Flared Lehenga


Lehenga style sarees are available from the market or you can purchase it online as well. Many online ladies fashion stores are there where you can buy the trendiest lehenga saree online according to your choice of colours, designs, and prices.

Bridal Lehenga Saree

Georgette Lehenga Style Saree

Lehenga Style Saree

Manish Malhotra Lehenga

Straight Cut Lehenga

Circular cut Lehenga

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