10 Beauty Trends that will rock the weddings this year

Beauty and fashion trends change year after year and every season. In order to outshine in the society, you need to keep yourself updated with latest trends. Weddings are something that you wish to dress up at your best, be it yours or that of any of your friends. Well known fashion designers and stylists have put their great efforts to bring out something unique and different every year and these styles are proudly showcased by our favorite Bollywood divas and icons at various award functions and shows. They are of great inspiration and when it comes to setting a new trend at your wedding, you can always look up to these idols and pick out something or the other best thing from them.

Some beauty trends that can rock any wedding this year are as follows:

  1. Wear a bold lip color: A bold and dramatic lip color is enough to give you that elegant yet bold look. Choose your lip color wisely that goes well with your outfit. Matte lipsticks are in but they tend to wear out soon, so you may go for glossy and shimmery lip color. You should try and test some colors before hand that suit the color of your skin. If you are fair, you can choose subtle colors like nude or go for extra bold colors like blue or purple. On the other hand, a not so fair complexion may opt for maroon or dark red or even brownish tones.
  2. Smoky eye make-up: The trend of wearing smoky eye make up is back again. This emphasizes your eyes and makes them look big. If you are faired skin, don’t opt for black smoky eye make up as it would give you the look of a panda and instead go for shimmery bronze or silver. Medium complexions can rock grey or black smoky eyes with perfect eye liner, giving graceful and chic look.
  3. Rosy flushed cheeks: A bride and bridesmaids blush on their big day. The rosy and creamy blush on gives perfect look desired for the day. Highlighting cheek bones and eye brows will surely give the absolute gaze of a bride. The charm and happiness of the occasion flushes on her face and makes her glow worth admiring. Blush on also makes your face look slimmer giving the perfect shine at the right areas. When you do not wish to wear excess make up, this is the ideal option for you.
  4. Natural curly hair: Curls have been evergreen when it comes to styling for a grand event. If you have natural curly hair, do not pin them straight. Instead choose varied and unique hairstyle, side swept waves or curly beach waves. You can also carry a pouf along with your amazing curls pinned with stunning and gorgeous hair accessories.
  5. Go for a bun: If you want to show that you are equipped with bold and beautiful features, tie up your hair in a neat or messy bun. If you are going for straightened hair, choose neatly tied bun with a floral hair accessory or gajra. On the other hand, if you want to show your curls in a bun, try doing a messy bun which looks sexy and beautiful at the same time. You can also take help of your hair stylist as many types of buns are in great fashion these days.
  6. Choose glittery make up: What could be better than having a glittery look on your d-day. You can have glittery eye shadow and subtle glittery foundation to your entire make-up for an evening party to differentiate between your day and night look. If you have fair complexion or cool shade of your skin, you can opt for silver glittery make up. On the other hand warm skin tone will gaze up more with golden sparkle. Too much sparkle will also make you look gaudy. Tone up and highlight with adequate sparkle at the right areas for unmatched chic look.
  7. Side swept braid: Your eccentric look will match well with a conventional and traditional messy braid. You can choose French braid or fishtail braid that will suit perfectly with your veil. Pinning some of your strands and leaving some of them loose will give you perfect and unique gaze. You can add some beautiful flowers at some points of your braid for the elegant touch. You can remain cool and much relaxed with a simple braid that completes your mesmerizing and attractive look.
  8. Waterproof make-up: On this big day, you will not want your make up to be washed away giving smudged dark look due to lot of crying and shedding tears. In order to have your make up remain intact, go for waterproof make up for your eyes and cheeks. This will not ruin your event and make you look beautiful in all the pictures from the start of the event till its end. Nowadays, high quality water proof make up is available in almost all the brands.
  9. Perfect jewelry: Not to forget that beautiful and glamorous jewelry completes your look at your wedding day. Diamond studded jewelry with intricate patterns and varied designs looks absolutely gorgeous when adorned. Temple jewelry or astonishing designs in gold jewelry are in great fashion. You can choose different patterns and styles for different functions nearing your wedding.
  10. Hair broaches: Leaving behind the old trend of covering your head with veil, you can go for wearing beautiful broaches. Many brides have been seen wearing a stone studded or beautifully patterned broach or hair accessory that captures the eyes of the masses. Choosing something unique and different for your hair do makes you stand out and set a new style statement.
    Hair broaches For Wedding

Keeping up pace with the fast changing fashion world is difficult and especially when it is your wedding, you get all the more conscious and careful in making correct choice as all the eyes are stuck on you. The above mentioned beauty hacks will surely help you rule and rock your wedding season.

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