The magnificent Indian Temple jewellery

India is a country where you can find diversified people of varying castes and cultures. Whatever might be the religion, women always love to wear the beautiful Indian jewellery. You can find wide range of jewellery that has been made using pure gold with various precious and semi-precious jewellery. You can find a variety of jewellery in India from which you can choose the best one that would come within your budget. The Indian jewellery lets us know about the traditions and elegance for women wearing the jewellery. Though you can find range of gold jewellery in India the temple jewellery is one of the most attractive among all. It would look so royal and heavy with the beautiful designs carved on the gold jewellery. If you love to wear the heavy single sets then you must make sure to go for the temple jewellery.

With the latest changes in jewellery trends various patterns have been in the market with simple as well as huge temple jewellery sets. You can even find the temple jewellery in which you can get the diamond or any kind of polki or stones embedded in order to add more awesome look to the jewellery. Usually these temple jewellery sets are worn in marriages by the bride or those who attend the wedding. This is the most traditional jewellery which would best be suitable for the traditional attire. When women wear these kind of jewellery they look the most beautiful women in the world and it would add the look of a princess to the wearer. The temple jewellery is the most famous one when you look at the south Indian jewellery. Most of them from south India love to wear these kind of heavy sets depending on the traditional occasion which they need to attend.

South Indian Temple Jewellery

History of temple jewellery

When you look at the history of temple jewelry you can see that this has been originated in the 9th century during the Chola dynasty. Later this kind of jewellery has been used over the idols, gods and goddesses in the temple and hence the name temple jewellery emerge. This kind of temple jewellery has been made using the purest form of gold and might contain several precious stones that would add more attractiveness to the jewellery. Mostly the south Indians do wear these kind of jewellery. You can even see that most of the traditional dancers do wear the various kinds of temple jewellery while they are performing. In India lot of importance is given to the temple jewellery especially for the south Indian marriages.Now a days you can find number of craftsmen who provide unique and latest temple jewellery that you would love the most.


During the festivals and when they are attending any kind of traditional occasions where they need to worship god and even in marriage women do wear this kind of temple jewellery. You can find wide range of jewellery in temple jewellery that might include the long heavy chains, chokers o short chains, pendants, lockets, bracelets, ear ring with buttas, waist bands and much more. Usually you can find the Ganesha pendants or the Lakshmi pendants when you are looking for the temple jewellery. You can just check out the huge collection of temple jewellery which you can find in various stores and choose the best one that would be suitable for you and your attire. Now a days you can even find the latest temple jewellery which can even be worn on chudidars. Though these are traditional, yet you can find the latest designs and precious stoned jewellery that would add more beauty to the person who is wearing it.

Pendant In Temple Jewellery

Why is temple jewellery different?

India is a place where women give more preference to gold jewellery. The temple jewellery is the one which can be worn especially for the marriages and during the child birth. Most of the temple jewellery contain the design of goddess Lakshmi is sitting on lotus flower. You can even find other motifs such as two elephants or peacocks as well over the jewellery. Usually the elephants are considered as the most auspicious pets over the temple, many of them do love to go for this kind of temple jewellery. When you are looking at the rich and intricate jewellery designs the temple jewellery is the best option to go with. With the changes in the life style, you can find different uniquely designed and beautiful temple jewellery which can be worn on modern attire as well. If you look at the temple jewellery of modern times these are worn by most of the Bollywood actresses.

Bollywood Actresses In Temple Jewellery

Earlier the temple jewellery was made only with the pure form of gold. But now a days you can find different metals along with the various precious and semi- precious stones of temple jewellery. You can even find the temple jewellery which has been made using the ruby, emerald and pearls. When you checkout the temple jewellery in the market you can actually find out three different types of jewellery that might include the real temple jewellery, imitation jewellery and the stone temple jewellery. And if you won’t be able to buy your dream temple jewellery as they are bit expensive then you can go for the imitation temple jewellery which is also available at various store in the market or online. These would be the best jewellery of Indian which is loved even by the foreigners.


Where to find the right temple jewellery?

You can find number of online stores as well as local stores where you can find huge collection jewellery. But not all the jewellery stores will be able to provide you with the temple jewellery that you are looking for. This is because you need special craftsmen who are well versed in creating excellent designs over the gold or any other material that you are looking for. People from different parts of the world do use internet as their main source to find information or to buy a product or services. With the increase in online demand there have been drastic increases in the number of online sources where you can find variety of jewellery stores. So here you can sit at your home and order the one that you like the most and they will deliver it to your home or the address specified.

Jewellery Stores

Now everything can be found online whether it be the gold jewellery, silver or the imitation temple jewellery. Though you might find number of online sites where you can buy jewellery you need to make sure to choose a genuine and reliable online source so that you can make your investment in the right kind of jewellery. So before you do online shopping make sure to find a good and recommended online source where you can be sure to get the best quality temple jewellery that you are looking for. Depending on your affordability you can either go for the gold jewellery or the imitation jewellery which would be much cheaper when compared to the gold temple jewellery. If you want to buy more jewellery then it is always better to go for the imitation jewellery as you can get number of temple jewellery sets for a small amount.



Though the temple jewellery was just simple without stones in the earlier days, now with the changes in trend you can find temple jewellery which has been embellished using various diamonds, emeralds, rubies or any other stones. There are several jewellery stores where you can get the temple jewellery customized based on the type of stones and design you would like to go with and which would come within your expected budget. These rich, colorful temple jewellery would be best suitable for any women who has worn the traditional attire. If you are wearing a western attire you can even go for the simple and elegant pendant for your chain which can be worn on any dress. To know more about the various online sources and the various temple jewellery sources all you need to do is to do some online market research to find the best one.

Online Temple Jewellery

As you can find a variety of temple jewellery in the market, you can even go for the customized temple jewellery of your favorite deity as well. Though you might find number of temple designs on various jewellery not all designs would be suitable for everyone. So before you buy this kind of temple jewellery or imitation of temple jewellery all you need to do is to try out the various patterns and check which one would best suite you. When you go for the temple jewellery pendants these are very attractive as they are huge and come with beautiful luxury stones embedded in to it. These kind of jewellery can be worn as a symbol of status in many families. You can even see the Balaji and Krishna, or god Vishnu lockets as well as for the heavy sets.

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