20 To do checklist every bride should do 3 month before her D-Day

Have you got your wedding bells ringing making you excited and nervous at the same time? Being a bride, just few months for the big day and you are at constant dilemma from where to begin the preparations. Well, selecting the outfit, venue and sending invitations is the later part you should focus on. For now, your utmost attention should be on your skin and beauty treatments, your waxing and hair removal schedules, your looks and caring for your body to glow and shine on your d-day. This needs planning and preparation from at least 3 months before the wedding.

Here is the list of things that you need to pay attention on at least 3 months before the big day:

  1. Manicure, pedicure treatments: Your hands capture a great focus on your engagement day. So head for a great manicure and pedicure treatment for beautiful nails and hands to attract the attention of everyone towards your hands.
    Manicure, pedicure treatments
  2. Cleanse, moisturize and apply sunscreen: Kick off laziness at this phase of your life and wash your face regularly at least twice a day. Remove the entire make up at the end of the day to avoid pimples and use rose water for fresh and clean skin. Add moisturizer to your kit and apply it regularly for the best results. Make up gives the best finish on a moisturized kin. Avoid discolorations on your skin and invest in a good sunscreen lotion. Apply it 15-20 minutes before stepping out in the sun.
    Cleanse, moisturize and apply sunscreen
  3. Make up trials: Of course, you will want to shine and appear outstanding on your grand day. Make-up can work wonders or destroy the entire charm for the day. All you need to do is visit some of the best salons and parlors and try out some of the make up so that you are free from all the hassle nearing your big day. The shades of your lipper, the color of your eye make-up and the color of the base to make your skin glow are some of the considerations you need to pay heed to at your make up trial.
    Make up trials
  4. Have a great hair plan: Consult your hair stylist before experimenting. You can go for a new hair color for a dramatic change at your wedding, opt for different and unique hairstyles that you haven’t tried before, try various hair masks such as avocado mask and apply olive oil for extra shine and strong hair. You cannot try these hacks just before your wedding day. These things need to be tried and tested at least three months before your wedding day.
    Hairstyles For Wedding
  5. Teeth whitening: You will have to keep that smile intact all through your wedding day and have most of the pictures clicked or have a professional photo-shoot. If you are planning to head for a professional treatment, it would require more than a single sitting, so go for it now else it will be too late. Red wine, coffee and chocolates are bound to render you with yellow teeth, do not worry. Opt for whitening toothpaste or add baking powder to your toothpaste while brushing your teeth.
    Teeth whitening
  6. Invest in good skin care treatment: Visit your dermatologist few months before your wedding day and take advice on how to keep pimples and other skin problems at bay. Go for chemical facials and laser treatments, test for allergies and head for skin care masks. Else start with a primer for smooth skin. Apart from your facial skin, pay focus towards your entire body as well. Choose a good body scrub to remove dead skin and then moisturize it with almond butter or Shea butter lotion.
    skin care treatment
  7. Intake sufficient water: How can the importance of water intake be ignored? Consume at least 2 liters of water daily in order to have that spotless and hydrated skin. The toxins are washed off from your body and a pretty glowing skin appears which is ideal for the bride-to-be. Though the benefits of water are not replaceable, you can also go for coconut water for the additional benefits it offers.
    Intake sufficient water
  8. Plan a fitness regime: Obviously, you would want to look your best in your bridal dress and in perfect shape too. Here, you might make a mistake of going on a crash diet. It is simply no-no. All you need to do is eat right, avoiding junk and joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer. Lift some weight like dumbbells for toned arms and tightened skin. Sweating will make your skin glow and appear fresh. All the toxins are released when you sweat by working out and eating right. Working out 4-5 times a week will help you get that gorgeous and toned figure.
    A fitness regime
  9. Begin with consuming multi vitamin pills: It is very much evident that you are bound to feel tired and exhausted while shopping and preparing for your wedding. This entire course, you need to consume multi vitamin pills to keep you healthy, for glowing skin and long and shinier hair. But before you pop in any pills; it is advisable to consult a doctor. Some recommended intakes are Biotin which is richly found in peanut butter and bananas that helps you in reducing hair loss and nail growth; Vitamin C for beautiful skin and iron which is richly found in spinach; cashews and oysters are good for healthy hair.
    consuming multi vitamin pills
  10. Smile and be happy: During the wedding season, you will experience lot of mood swings and mixed emotions. Hectic schedules of shopping, managing your routine, entertaining guests is sure to render you in great stress. All you need to do is relax and keep your mind calm. A happy mind will give you a happy face and bring that automatic glow that is required by the bride to be.
    Smile and be happy
  11. Use tea bags to reduce dark circles: You may not have time to focus on dark circles and bags under your eyes. But it is time for you to pay attention to your looks. So, all you need to do is put two tea bags in hot water and place them in refrigerator for thirty minutes. Squeeze out excess water and then place the bags on your eyes.
    Use tea bags to reduce dark circles
  12. Have enough sleep: In the excitement and work load of approaching wedding, many brides to be tend to ignore the importance of enough sleep. It is very much essential to keep your eyes appear bold and make you look fresh and active.
    Have enough sleep
  13. Caring for your eyebrows: Perfectly shaped eyebrows is not the task of one time threading. It takes months and many visits to get the desired shape. See a brow specialist who can figure out the best shape for your brows.
    Caring for your eyebrows
  14. Get longer lashes: Your eye lashes are essential part of your eyes. Long and curly lashes are much desired. Apply castor oil or almond oil daily on your lashes for the best results. On your d-day, if you still do not have the required length, go for false eyelashes and apply them correctly to give the perfect look. Else invest in a water proof mascara of a good company.
    Get longer lashes
  15. Paying attention to your lips: Start applying some lip balm or Vaseline months before your wedding day to have those glossy pink lips. You can also go for special lip treatments that help to exfoliate, moisturize and energize your lips.
    Paying attention to your lips
  16. Try out weekly DIY treatments: Devote a day for your hair, a day for your facial skin, a day for your nails and a day for the rest of your body. Try various masks and natural products according to your skin and hair type. Get perfect natural look from home remedies and treatments.
    Try out weekly DIY treatments
  17. Avoid junk food: It may be hard if you are food lover. But this much can be done for your wedding at least. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and home made food that is rich in various nutrients. After all, these are some of the last days you can have food cooked by your mom.
    Avoid junk food
  18. Choose the best beauty accessories: Select beauty accessories like hair accessories, lip colors, eye shadow kit and other make kits required for final touch ups. You need to be ready with it much before in time.
    Choose the best beauty accessories
  19. Spend quality time with your family: These are some of the days when you can make the most beautiful memories and cherish them throughout your life. You will get to learn many things that will help you to get along for a smooth and happy married life.
    Spend quality time with your family
  20. Get to know more about your spouse and in-laws: Being practical, this is very essential for you as you have to adapt to a new family. Knowing about their tastes and preferences is very essential part for you so that you are able to adjust comfortably after your marriage. After all, you are marrying not a single man but his entire family.
    Get to know more about your spouse and in-laws

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