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The international fashion industry definitely enjoys a huge influence on what people across all countries consider stylish and fashionable. However, when it comes to India, fashion lovers seem to be far more dependent on Bollywood to give them a fashion dope once every fortnight. For us Indians, going trendy is equivalent to going filmy – those that are absolute Bollywood freaks love following their favourite personalities and their clothing preferences religiously. They love eating what these celebrities eat, love going to places where they’ve been once, and most importantly, love dressing the way their favourite Bollywood star dresses.

And there is nothing wrong in wanting to dress bollywood sarees like a Bollywood diva. After all, many Bollywood fashion designers and celebrities are among the top fashion icons of the world because of their ability to follow fashion dauntlessly without adhering to or limiting themselves to an established standard or style of fashion. Many Bollywood icons interpret the international fashion waves, no matter how short or long, in their own unique style and give it a bold twist. They show us that being stylish is not about following the latest fashion trends blindly but about giving it your own confident and personal touch.

Fashion Stories of Bollywood Icons

Below discussed are the fashion stories of some Bollywood icons and how easy it is to draw inspiration from their unique interpretation of fashion:

  1. The popular chocolate boy from the Kapoor family is a classic example of how you can appear casual as well as stylish. Dressed usually in black casuals from top to bottom, Ranbir Kapoor has redefined how fashion is perceived by youngsters. If that is the sort of appearance you long for then don’t forget to add a baseball cap and high-end sneakers to your must-have list.
    Ranbeer Kapoor Casual Look
  1. Parineeti Chopra is a pro at mixing separates and wearing them as one complete outfit. And yet, she does not cease to surprise her fans with her ever-evolving fashion sense. Her casual appearance becomes even more stylish with strappy sandals and delicate accessories. All you need is some confidence at mixing your top collection with your bottom one and adding a few finishing touches to your resultant outfit.
     Parineeti Chopra Casual Look
  1. Siddharth Malhotra has taught us to pay attention to details. If you need to elevate your appearance from casual to semi-formal and dapper, then all you need is a cool pair of white sneakers to go with a trendy blazer.
    Siddharth Malhotra Casual Look
  1. Arjun Kapoor is this season’s bad boy who is very good at sporting a perfectly casual look. And how does he acquire that trendy and sensual appearance – by simply picking some joggers and wearing mirrored sunglasses. It is amazing how such little things can perk it up to such an impressive extent.
    Arjun Kapoor Casual Look
  1. Nude pumps are never someone’s first choice when redesigning their wardrobe. The idea was invented and sold successfully when the southern sensation Tamannaah Bhatia started pairing nude pumps with graceful and pastel coloured dresses. The outfit looked so perfectly stylish and flawless that women all across the country decided to possess at least one pair of nude pumps for occasions that demanded effortless elegance.
    Tamannah Casual Look
  1. It has taken Ranveer Singh slightly longer than other Bollywood icons to develop a liking among fashion lovers for his sartorial choices. And now, a majority of the youth population seems to be imitating his style in every way possible. Whether it is his Henley tee or off-white chinos, men love wearing whatever it takes to get Ranveer’s perfect weekend casual look.
    Ranveer Singh Casual Look
  1. Alia Bhatt is considered cute, crazy, and stylish – it’s certainly a difficult balance to maintain but she seems to have mastered this art effortlessly.From a rich snob in Student of the Year to a crazy girl in Highway, Alia knows how to make a dress look ‘more her’. Her recent entry into certain fashion portals has gained her more points and appreciation from her fans.Want to make a striking and long-lasting impression on the very first day of your junior or senior college? Alia Bhatt’s famous campus look is here to your rescue. Pair a simple floral or printed dress with a military kind of jacket and you are good to go! To add to your summer and stylish look, you can also flaunt some flunky sneakers with half-rimmed glasses.
    Alia Bhatt Casual Look
  1. Fawad Khan’s classy style has always been all over fashion magazines and newspapers but recently, it has acquired more popularity among Bollywood lovers and very rightly so. His semi-formal outfits are spot-on with seemingly minimum effort, which gives him a perfectly casual and yet sophisticated look. It is probably his leather slip-ons and casual trousers that are usually cuffed, which add to his style quotient.
    Fawad Khan Casual Look


  1. The next in line is Kareena Kapoor Khan who can confidently flaunt and look impressive in any kind of outfit. Kareena is a fashion diva in the true sense of the word. From promotional events to red carpets and award shows, Bebo knows how to make her public appearance a remarkable and long-lasting one. She is one of those few actresses who can strike a remarkable balance between looking sensuous and being elegant. She looked charming as a graceful Begum and she looked charming a peppy Sikh girl from a middle class Punjabi family. Thumbs up to this glamorous doll for making pleated full-length skirts look so stylish and casual with structured blazers and fitted tops!
    Kareena Kapoor Casual Look
  1. Deepika Padukone has taken the fashion world by storm by confidently flaunting her beautiful legs. She’s taught both girls and women that if you have it, then there’s nothing wrong in flaunting it. From traditional saris in ‘Om Shanti Om’ to denim shorts in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, Deepika has redefined what it means to look casual and stylish at the same time. Millions of fans across the world follow her outfit preferences to achieve that cool, comfortable look. With her relaxed expressions in ‘Ramleela’ even in a ghagra choli that weighed 30 kg, Deepika showed us that getting that perfect casual look was also about carrying your outfit (no matter what it is) confidently and little boastfully.
    Deepika Padukone Casual Look


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