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22 types of Kurtis every woman should try

Trying out different types of Kurtis has become the trend of the decade. From the very inception of kurtis, the feminine beauty got a boost with a vast variety of contrasts, colours and styles. Fashion designers and brands are coming up with new types of kurtis each day to cater the needs of the people.

The crazy kurtis for the Modern Indian women:

Fashion- crazy women have got the right opportunity to experiment with their looks.  They are style conscious people and always want the best for them when it comes to picking the best kurti for them. So, here are as many as 22 types of kurtis that you may like to try out.

  1. Tail cut kurti-This is one of the best kurtis that people wear for parties. There is either a short front side or a back side, which looks like the tail of the other side. When you wear the kurti, you will look trendy and gorgeous.
  2. A-line kurti: This is popular among the young girls and teenagers. The kurti is shaped like the alphabet ‘A’, which is narrow at the top and flares at the knees or ankles. The accessories include leggings and churidars.
    A Line Kurti
  3. Trail cut kurtis: These are fashionable kurtis with C cuts on both the sides. There are different textiles and like chiffon, silk and cotton, so, you have a lot of choice to choose from. You can use jewellery with these kurtis.
    Trail Cut Kurti
  4. Anarkali kurtis: These can be used in many purposes, from parties to casual wear. So, you will be able to wear it in different purposes. There are a lot of styles like boat shaped neck to choose from.
  5. Angrakha Kurti: This is a stylish kurti that looks like royal court’s musicians. You can wear something fashionable like pompoms with it to get the best look. It has flaps and straps along the two sides.
    Angrakha Kurti
  6. Dhoti Style Kurti: This is one of the most innovative variations in kurtis, which is shaped like a dhoti. You can wear leggings with it, but remember to choose the right colour.
    Dhoti Stled Kurtis
  7. Flared Kurti: These kurtis provide a better look to fair skinned girls. It is strapless, with a narrow upper part and a flared bottom. This goes well with formal, casual and party wear.
    Flared Kurtis
  8. Indo-Western Style Kurti: These are beautiful, with innovations and blends with the Indian and western styles of kurtis. You can select the length as needed. Bright colours go well with these kurtis. You can wear leggings or pair it without bottom.
    Indo Western Kurti
  9. Gown style kurti: This is a kurti that reaches up to the floor, and gives a royal look to you. Dark colours with bright embroidery go well with this style. You can wear short sleeves or go sleeveless with this kurti.
    Gown Styled Kurti
  10. Long Straight Kurti: This is a straight forward kurti with a long hemline. You can choose the long kurti to boost your looks, and you will look taller and straighter when you are wearing these kurtis. If you are having an elongated face cutting, you can opt for this kurti.
    Long straight Kurti
  11. Pakistani kurtis: These are long, baggy and straight. You can wear it as a casual wear or a party wear. Personalise the knee length or long ones according to your structure.
    Pakistani Kurti
  12. Colour-block Kurti: If you have a colourful mind, you will be able to make the right choice with these kurtis, which come with bold colours divided into blocks. It looks beautiful when you choose the right colour combination.
    Colour-block Kurti
  13. Printed kurtis: These are a trendy variety of the kurtis, and you can wear it in parties and occasions. There are a lot of designs and colour incorporations in the kurti. So, you can choose them according to your choice. Minimum jewellery has to be worn with these kurtis.
    Printed kurtis
  14. Shirt Style Kurti: A good innovation to the house of kurtis, these are designed like skirts. You can add a professional look by choosing the right colour. Apart from this, it is friendly to your skin. People with rectangular body shape can look good with these kurtis.
  15. High-low Kurti: This is a new variety to the lot, and comes with a shorter hem. You will look trendy indeed when you wear it for parties and occasions. Right choice of leggings is to be made. You will get the all-necessary feminine touch to your personality.
    High-low Kurti
  16. Kaftan Style Kurti: This type of kurti also has a fashionable look, with drop sleeves and a loose fit. These can be worn with leggings or jeans, provided you have a rectangular body shape.
    Kaftan Kurti
  17. Princess Cut Kurti: This is a kurti customised to give you a royal look, like a prince. It is perfectly shaped with a general shoulder line and arms, and goes well if you wear it with goggles and fashionable footwear.
    Princess Cut Kurti
  18. Asymmetric Kurti: This kurti breaks away from the traditional styles and brings you a different look altogether, with a variant hemline. This is a filmy type of attire and you can choose the right fabric.
    Asymmetric Kurti
  19. C-Cut Kurti: This is almost similar to the high-low kurti, but the C cut comes in the front instead of the sides. It delivers a slim and stylish look.
    C-Cut Kurti
  20. Tulip Kurti: This is shaped like a flower and goes well with young college girls. You can wear different types of jewellery and fashionable shoes along with the kurti. This is ideal to be worn at parties.
    Tulip Kurti
  21. Overlay Kurti: This is a unique style of kurti, and the overlay starts right from the waist to deliver a grand look to you. If you choose this one, make sur to get in touch with marching accessories and jewellery.
    Overlay Kurti
  22. Double Layered Kurti: The style is innovative, with one layer of cloth overlapping the other. You can wear bracelets, funky earrings and sandals with this one. There are two types of variation in this kurti, and you can avail a detachable version if you please.
    Double Layered Kurti

Making the best selection of the Kurti:

After all, the individual choice of the people plays a vital role in the preference of kurtis. Apart from that, you also need to customise the kurtis based on the fabric. So, you can make your choice as and when needed and live up to the best fashion trends. Well all kurtis will not be perfect for every woman. You need to keep certain points in mind while making the selection of the kurti for you. You need to look what type of figure you have. Are you slim, tall, fat or short figured? Are you fair complexioned, dark complexioned or having an average complexion? Depending on the answers of these 2 questions you need to make the selection. Aside to this you also need to take care about the quality of material used in its making and the fabric. You need to select only the best for you as you are the best and need to make others feel so after they take a look at you.

Consult your fashion expert:

If you are not sure which type of kurti will look best on you, then in that case you can consult your fashion expert or even the expert you is designing your clothes for so many years.  You need to keep an eye on the occasion, event or functions which you are going to attend wearing these kurti. For every function there is some style which you need to follow and based on that you need to pick the kurti. Kurti is easy to carry and also gives a flawless look to the lady wearing it. Women of all ages can try kurti and we cannot deny the fact that this outfit actually makes women look much younger that their actual age. This is one of the most important reasons which actually make this outfit quite popular among Indian women. With every passing day more designs are coming up in the market and you can pick the one which actually matches your taste and preference well and most importantly give you a picture perfect elegant look.

Online stores for kurtis:

Check out any fashion store in India online and you will find that there are wide collection of kutis of different designs patterns, color and fabric. The collections are so wide that you will sometime feel confused which one to go with and which not. The reputed fashion designers of the industry are involved in making of these awesome kurtis and so you can be least assured about the fact that the online stores are having the latest and stylish kurtis with them. The prices do vary depending on the fabric and designs of the kurti. You will get many kurtis at an affordable rate online. Just select the one which you want to go with and then make the payments online. The kurtis purchased online will get delivered at your doorstep within given timeline.

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