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9 Styles of Kurtis for Jeans

Kurtis can be great for you for all purposes. For office use or for any casual purpose, Kurtis are great for your dress. You are going to get the best features in the following Kurtis, while you go to the online stores, but the most important thing here is the style along with the wonderful feel, after you wear the dress. A list of the dresses can be a great support for you, before making your buying decision. Here is the list of the styles that you will get as alternatives.

  • Long short kurtis: Whenever, you feel to wear a Kurti with your jeans, you will find some of the easiest solutions and some of the best style features. Style features can be identified, with the different cuts and designs. One of the most perfect designs is in the form of this long short kurti. The front side of the kurti is short and is appealing, when you are wearing jeans. The part that is going to be more interactive here is the long ended back, which will give the viewers an impression that the dress is fully formal.
  • Short Kurti: Short Kurti are mostly liked by all the females. You will also like that and might be passionate about them too. The best part of the short kurti is that, the dresses come with different paints and taglines. So, you can be very much casual in your appearance, although you are wearing a formal dress. This is the speciality of Short apparels.
  • Round Bottom: This is a style among the Kurtis, which is casual and formal both in one appearance. The cutting of the Kurti is not at all like a formal one. The dresses are short height and perfect to be worn with jeans. You can look at the dress in a different way too. The appearance of this round bottom top is like a shirt. So, you can consider that as a formal wear too. Just get the perfect style and find alternatives from online stores.
  • Plain Kurti with Sadri: There are some of the best Kurtis that you will have to check out from the lot. You will have a great look when you can pair the normal kurti with some ordinary jeans. The colour combination needs to be checked out well, as there are a number of colours that go well with the jeans. So, you will have to get in touch with the best colour that suits you. These will deliver you a good and simple look, but as for casual wear, you will find these good. When you are concerned with the comfort level, there are no better options.
  • Pakistani kurti: This is one of the styles that are trending in the market. It is a long kurti with no special designs. The length of the attire is up to the knee or ankle. So, when you wear this with jeans, you will look nice. These are good for people with elongated bodies. The body looks taller than usual, with a touch of elegance. There is a lot of freedom in choosing the colour, but when it comes to this type of kurti, the black or darker shades are preferred. So, you can select ant shades of jeans and try out these kurtis with all the possible combinations. The bottom of the kurti does not have any special shape, and herein lays the natural beauty of the attire.
  • Slit kurti: This is a new trend in the market that has become popular too fast. There is a slit in the upper part in the kurti that comes down the entire length. These are nice looking and fashionable clothes. So, when you get in touch with this kurti, you will have a good chance to boost your beauty. You can go ahead and try our different colour combinations of this kurti, and find out which one suits you the best. Shades of pink go well with blue jeans. Jeggings are god options that you need to wear. After all, a lot depends on the way you personalise it.
  • Asymmetrical kurti: It is time to go ahead with a different level of experimentation and find out if you are comfortable with this one. Going beyond the tradition of the normal ones, these kurtis are not equal on both the sides. One of the sides is shorter than the other. So, you will find a distinct feature in this type of kurti that will pull your attention. There is different colour and floral designs in these kurtis and you are free to make your choice. After all, you will have a great experience when you can customise it well.
  • Kameez style kurti: This is a perfect match for you if you want to retain the traditional style in the kurtis. It is a blend with the salwar and comes with a closed end. When you crave for a formal and professional approach, this is the ideal outfit personalised for you. There are different options to wear these, and people prefer jeggings and jeans to other bottom wears when they wear these clothes. Apart from this, there are many good colours to choose from. You can choose the light lemon or yellow shade that goes well with the jeans. When you buy the product, keep in mind the fabric that is best for you.
    Kameez style kurti
  • Anarkali style kurti: These are some of the best kurtis as far as popularity is concerned. So, when you are looking for something really trendy and simple, this is the right choice that you can avail. There are different designs in these kurtis. For instance, you can choose the wrapper type kurtis or the ones which have a boat cut neck. All depends on how you choose to customise your wear. So, when you are on the hunt for the ideal attire, you have a lot of varieties to choose from.

Apart from these, there are a number of other varieties of kurtis that you will need to experiment with. Get the right help from the internet stores and then go for the right Kurti.

Accessories to add when you dress up in elegant kurti and jeans

The look of a lady remains incomplete without addition of accessories and jewelry in kurti and jeans outfit. So a common question will surely come to your find as what type of accessories and jewelry will match your look. Check out the below list of accessories which you must carry in jeans and kurti outfit.

  • Shoes: When you are dressing up in jeans and do have a short figure then high heels are a must for you. Make sure the color of the shoe matches the overall color combination of the dress. If you want to play safe then a pair of black heels will match with almost any dress.
  • Purse: This is something which you carry with you. The same need to carry a sign of luxury. If you are going to any evening party then the color of the purse need to of dark shade so that it can catch the attention of the crowd. For evening parties don’t keep it simple, a clutch or a hand drop purse will make you look awesome. For afternoon you can go for any style of purse.
  • Bracelet: Bangles don’t look great with jeans and kurtis. You can try out some wide bracelet in one hand and this will give a classy look to your overall appearance. But in case you are too crazy for bangles, then don’t go for traditional bangles try out some narrow silver wire bangles as this will give a indo western look which is impressive.
  • Rings: A big size floral ring will look perfect in your figures and trust us that this goes perfectly well with any Indo western dress. Apart from floral pattern there are many other patterns which you will love to go with.
  • Earrings: Top studded with stones will go well with jeans. If you love drop down earnings then you can go with that too. But do remember the fact that keeps the earnings simple and sophisticated. Clumsy designed earnings will make your overall look bit complicated and unimpressive. You can try online to check which types of earning will be best for jeans with Indian Kurti.
    Earrings with jeans
  • Pendent: Well many young girls don’t like to put anything on neck but still will look awesome if you can add something light like a chain with a beautiful pendent. It will be very simple to carry and elegant to look.

That’s all you need to add up with kurti and jeans to look picture perfect. If you have any other preference to add up then you can go for that too, but make sure that you look elegant, smart and stylist in every aspect.  Search online for best kurti and the accessories you need for a perfect look.

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