Bridal Dupatta Drape

Bridal Dupatta Draping New Trends

The dupatta is an essential garment especially for most Indian dresses, be it the lehenga or the salwar suit. It is an equally important part of the ensemble of the bridal dress, the lehenga. While the choli or the blouse and the skirt like lehanga cover the body, the dupatta is taken over the head and shoulders in different styles to add a certain glitz and poise to the attire.

There are so many different styles to drape the dupatta. You can go on experimenting with the look and each time you wear the dupatta in a different way, you are creating a new style as there are no fixed ones with this garment.

Dupatta Trends

Brides long to look their best in their wedding attire as this is the most special day in their lives. While all attention goes in choosing a nice lehanga, jewelry and other accessories to make the look a complete one, some attention needs to be given to the ubiquitous dupatta. Here are some dupatta draping trends that can make you look different.

#1 Deep U

This style of dupatta is generally the bridal dupatta where it is taken over the head and then brought in front and slightly pleated to form a Deep U with the end going over the other shoulder. The Deep U thus created showcases the neck piece worn by the bride. It covers the entire shoulder area and the head giving the bride a completely Indian look.

Deep U shaped Dupatta

#2 Pleated Dupatta

For those brides that want to keep the dupatta in a slightly different way other than taking it over their heads, can opt for the pleated dupatta that is taken as a part of the lehenga as a sari drape. Since the lehenga and the blouse cover the upper and lower body, the plated dupatta taken across the chest and over one shoulder give the bride a complete look.

#3 Let it loose

If you want to keep the dupatta but not across the shoulders or over the head; you can choose to let it loose draped across the wrist. This way you can have the dupatta on one shoulder while you can show off your neckline.

#4 Tie the Ends

Another new trend of draping the dupatta is by tying its ends to the arms. So when the bride raises her hand to put the garland around her would-be-husband’s neck, the dupatta gives a very elegant look.

Tied at the ends dupatta draping

#5 Two Dupattas

If you have chosen a simplistic lehenga for your wedding day and you have a simple plain blouse, you can choose to have two dupattas. Take one dupatta on your head and the other one to cover your chest and let it fall in your arms. A slight variation in this style can be when you can bring in your second dupatta in a pleated form from the back and let it loose in front as the Gujarati style.

 Double Dupatta Draping Style

#6 Contrasting colors

If you have decided to use two dupattas for your wedding day, you can add a little bit of surprise. Instead of using similar types of dupattas, you can go in for contrasting colored dupattas. Keep the dupatta that you will be taking over the head in the same color as your wedding outfit and the other one in a contrasting color. You can bring this contrast colored dupatta from behind and give your outfit a smart and new look.

Contrasting colors Dupatta

#7 Small U

In this style of draping the dupatta the usage of two dupattas remains the same. The only difference is that when you are bringing in the second dupatta from behind in the Guajarati style, you can make a small U with it instead of pinning it straight. The end of the small U thus made can be pinned on the other shoulder.

#8 Long, loose drape

Another way to use two dupattas with your wedding attire is to wear one over the head as the other styles and drape the other dupatta, which is longer than the one over the head over the wrist and shoulder on the same side. The pleats that are made and kept on one shoulder give the bride a very royal look and you can then just leave the dupatta lose, draping the other end over the wrist.

Long, loose drape

These are some of the trends of draping dupattas adopted by brides. As mentioned, you can wear the dupatta in any way that you like and feel comfortable in. the idea is to get the best look for your special day. The look of a simplistic lehenga can be easily enhanced with the dupatta. Later, this dupatta can be used with another salwar suit or can be used in any other manner.

Choose the dupatta with care

Because the dupatta is going to be the most visible and highlighted garment of your wedding attire, take care to choose it wisely. You must go in for a dupatta draping style that you are comfortable in. Going for something different or something non-comfortable will only make you a laughing stock. Moreover you will not feel comfortable throughout the ceremonies causing anxiety and anger.

If you are unable to choose or drape the dupatta in the right manner, take the help of the experts. They will not only help you choose the best dupatta that goes well with your wedding lehenga but will also help you pick one that is within your budget.

You can find some amazing dupatta draping trends on the internet. Simply choose the style of dupatta draping as per your comfort. In addition, you must ask your beautician to tie and pin the dupatta carefully so that you are at ease while carrying it across from one ceremony to the other.


Dupattas are an essential garment of the Indian attire. Therefore, take care and research well before buying one for your special day. After your wedding, you can use and drape the same dupatta in another style making people think that it a new one.

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