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Become a Fashionista With High Neck Blouse

High neck blouse designs have got immense popularity in 2016. These days, several Bollywood beauties are flaunting the stylish and latest high neck blouse styles. This blouse design can create a style statement in case you don’t prefer deep neck blouses. People often have the misconception that only women with longer necks can wear the high neck blouses with ease. But this is not completely true. While paired with the right sarees and accessories, almost anyone can look great with these blouses. Considering the popularity, more and more designers are creating great designs of high neck blouses that can suite to women of different ages in different occasions.

Here are some of the popular high neck blouse designs that you can give a try:

  • High neck backless blouse: If you want a little spice in your conventional avatar, then you can opt for the high neck backless blouse. Just add draw strings or hooks at the back and embellish the front side differently with some sheer fabrics like net or lace or with a teardrop design.
    High Neck Backless Blouse
  • High neck net blouse: The majority of the women prefers deep neck blouses but don’t wear these thinking whether they will be able to carry the style properly or not. In this situation, high neck net blouses can be the savior. These blouses are available with transparent necklines or transparent back.
    High Neck Net Blouse
  • High neck full sleeve blouse: This is one of the styles of high neck blouses that look really sophisticated and aesthetic. Here the wearer can choose the style or pattern of the blouse on the basis of her preference.
    High Neck Full Sleeve Blouse
  • High neck blouse with keyhole back neck: This is one of the trendiest blouse designs available. Here the keyhole design can be embroidered. Depending on the preference of the wearer, the keyhole can be big or narrow. Besides, this teardrop design can also be created in the front of this blouse style.
    High Neck Blouse With Keyhole Back Neck
  • High neck blouse with collar: This is another high neck blouse style, which looks great with formal sarees. Depending on the wearer’s preference, the sleeves for this blouse can be half sleeve, cap sleeves, full sleeve or elbow length sleeve.
    High Collar Neck Saree Blouse
  • High neck halter style blouse: This is one of the trendiest blouse style ever and perfect for women, who want to flaunt their beautiful back. This style doesn’t need much detailing as the style is enough to turn people’s heads.
    High Neck Halter Style Blouse
  • Jacket style high neck blouse: This is an open half jacket style blouse that goes perfectly with designer sarees. This blouse usually comes with a bustier along with an half jacket that is clasped with the hook on top and therefore is left open. Often the bustier is embellished with zardousi or stonework.
    Jacket Style High Neck Blouse
  • High neck fancy blouse with kundan and gota patti work: This blouse style needs no description. This blouse is worn with a simple saree as here the saree complements this dazzling blouse and the overall look helps the wearer to make an impression. The detailed work, great color scheme and stylish design make this blouse a must have.
    High Neck Fancy Blouse With Kundan And Gota Patti Work
  • High neck blouse with button placket: This blouse style is created on the basis of the new trend of button placket. Therefore, it offers the wearer a trendy look.
    High Neck Blouse With Button Placket
  • High neck maharani style blouse: This blouse style includes intricate embroidery on the sleeves and all around the neckline and therefore it can offer the wearer a royal look, even while being worn with a simple silk saree.
    High Neck Maharani Style Blouse
  • High neck blouse with deep v neckline: This is another style, highly preferred by the modern women of the present time. This style also gives the user a taller impression. A nicely pleated saree can go well with this blouse style.
    High Neck Blouse With Deep Neckline
  • High neck blouse with boat neckline: In case you prefer a simple yet classy blouse style, then this can be the perfect style for you. With the boat neck, you will be able to show off your slender neck while giving others the illusion of having broad shoulders. As a whole, with this blouse style you will be able to show off the right proportions to people, for which almost all of us crave.
    High Neck Blouse With Boat Neckline

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