Fashion Choices As Per Your Health

Are You Choosing Clothes and Accessories That Might Impact Your Health Adversely?

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The increasing health risks entailed by your regular fashion choices require you to be more careful about what you wear or carry. What is it that you need to know about the essentially harmful fashion choices as far as your health is concerned? Could you even imagine at any point in time that there are certain fashion choices that might as well pose serious threats to your well being? We will explore the same in the course of the post. Read on in order to be duly guided in this regard.

Your skinny jeans

Skinny jeans top the list of regular wear which actually leaves a harmful impact on your health. How? We will figure out in the course of the post. Talk about yeast infections and possible nerve complications, tight pants can actually do more damage than what you can imagine. There was a study (Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry) involving a woman who actually complained of numbness only after a day of wearing a pair of skinny jeans.

Skinny Jeans With Top


Your fashion choices are not strictly restricted to your clothes. The accessories like bags, shoes, and pieces of jewelry make for a crucial part of your style statement as well. In this regard, it must be mentioned that at times carrying heavy bags (totes or other carryalls) can actually lead to lingering neck or back pain. The Journal of Physical Therapy Science published a study in the year 2013. It revealed that women who had the habit of carrying these bags on a particular side of their shoulder experienced a marked change in their gait as well. If you’re not too keen on giving up this fashion (and convenient) choice of yours then you should acquaint yourself with ways in which you can minimize health risks. The trick is to carry only what you need. Don’t carry excess baggage – literally!

Shoulder Bag

When you are actually carrying those heavy bags on the same side of your shoulder you are actually not allowing the weight to be distributed evenly – which of course causes long term strain. Steer clear of such hassles by carrying your bags alternately on both shoulders. Distribute the weight evenly- let both the sides of your shoulder a chance to breathe.

High Heels

Not even the biggest fan of wedges or pointed heels can tell you that there is absolutely no sense of discomfort associated with high heels. Touted as the most painful fashion accessory that you can have, high heels actually have the capacity to cause initial instability and the consequent weakening of ankle muscles. The damage definitely later extends to your ligaments as well.

Say No To High Heels

Lingerie: When they are sexy but risky too!

If you are too experimental with your lingerie you might as well have to face the consequences as far as your health is concerned. Why are we saying this? What happens when you sport a string-bikini, or a thong or a teddy? You may end up looking smoking hot but at the cost of inviting some serious health risk. These pieces of lingerie are known to trap bacteria in the vaginal area. Plus, they are also capable of compressing sensitive tissues thereby exposing you to greater risk of vaginal infection.

Wear Sexy But Comfortable Outfit

Summing it up

We are not dissuading you from wearing your favorite sartorial pieces but resort to due moderation. Instead of wearing them every day or for that matter taking them (these accessories) every now and then, make sure you’re striking the perfect balance when it comes to the frequency of use. Doing this should keep you sorted. Please make sure that you’re actually reading up more about the health risks of your sartorial choices to stay duly informed.

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