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An Insight On Designer Bags And How They Are Creating A Trend

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When it comes to fashion for women, it never stops at just a dress only. Women fashion involves a lot more than just wearing a designer dress. It involves makeup, hairdo, shoes, and fashion jewelleries and of course bags. Yes handbags are an indispensable part of women fashion and one cannot avoid it at any cost

So here are top 10 trendy bags that are creating rave in the fashion industry this fall. Let’s take a quick look:

  1. Cross body bags – One of the most convenient ways of carrying your handbag is to use it as a cross body bag. The latest fall collection in the fashion world is all about comfort and relaxation. Cross body bangs offer you great ease while you are walking on the streets. It keeps both your hangs free.
  2. Drawstring reticule – If you are one of those women who is love in with fashion from the English classics then here are the range of drawstring reticule handbags which were quite popular in the 17th These handbags are stylish, classy and very convenient. Drawstrings give your purse an ultra feminine look and the bags can carry off a lot of embellishments if you want.
  3. De Rigueur Boxy Handbag – Square and rectangular handbags always adds an extra smartness to your fashion. Square handbags are there for quite some time and it is one of the rages in this fall fashion. While there bags look chic and stylish they are great for using at offices and work places. These boxy bags are also good for keeping your everyday things.
  4. Multiple handbags – Well this is surely a new entry in the world of women handbags. This fall designers from all around the world have come up with designing multiple bags on one single frame. A big handbag along with a small pouch dangling in front looks really cool and convenient for women nowadays.
  5. Furry purses – Furry handbags are always in demand, especially during the fall or winter. Who would not want to have their hands placed on a soft taffeta of fur to warm up their palms instantly on a cold winter day? This fall furry bags are back on shelves with new design and styles that will make your winter bright and warm. However we would suggest you to use faux fur than the real ones on ethical grounds.
  6. Fanny packs – Fanny packs are one of the latest styles for women handbags this fall. These little packs look really cool and can be tied around the waist in a fashionable manner. Different designs are available for these fanny pouches and they are quite convenient for keeping your small things while travelling.fanny-packs
  7. Backpacks – Stylish backpacks are quite a rage with young girls and young adults. These are cool things that come with two straps to hang the bag on the back. It gives you convenience and style at the same time. Shimmering backpacks, furry backpacks and leather backpacks are in shelves for this fall collection.backbag
  8. Minaudières Galore – Party handbags are always in demand and thus the designers have come up with the exquisite minaudièresthat looks classy and elegant. These bags are crafted from velvet, metal, silk and are embellished with feathers, precious stones, gems, and pearls to make them look really exquisite.
  9. Clutches – Clutches are an all time favourite and never goes out of style. SO this fall the designers have come up with a refreshing look for their clutch collections. Whether you use clutch for your daily use or for a special evening, there is a huge collection to choose from.
  10. Half moon and hobo bags – These two styles of handbags are quite new in the fashion circuit and are trending quite well. The bags have got their names from their shapes and they are popular for being spacious.

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