Cute Bridal Shower Dresses

Cute Bridal Shower Dresses

There is a recent trend in the wedding industry that is pleasing women around the world – fancy bridal shower dresses. This trend allows women to have another fancy activity to dress in the finest fashions. There are many dresses that you can wear that shows off your individual style, and most come at reasonable prices.

You can do an internet search and find many places that sell cute bridal shower dresses. One of the best places that you can search is The Mint Julep, an online clothing shop for women. This is a great shop that has quality clothing for a reasonable price.

Of course, there are many shops, both online and in person, that you can find these types of dresses. They come in all types of styles with all types of prices, from very inexpensive to the higher quality, very expensive. You just must decide for yourself what your price limit is and go from there.

History of the Bridal Shower

history of bridal shower dresses

Bridal showers were first started as an alternative to the dowry system. There is a story in the Dutch community that tells of a young woman that had fallen in love with a poor miller’s son. Her father disapproved of the relationship because he wanted her to marry a rich pig farmer. He told the young woman that he would withhold her dowry if she chose to marry the miller’s son.

The young lady refused to listen to her father, so he withheld the dowry. The friends of the young lady, hearing of this, threw her a party to shower her with all the things she would need for her marriage. Upon hearing this, the father was so impressed with the friends and his daughter that he finally approved of the marriage. You can read more about that story here.  It is a very entertaining story, that you might want to use at your next bridal shower.

This caught on and was soon a tradition among all the young brides. In the Victorian era in the United States this tradition caught on quickly. They called it a shower because all the young bride’s friends would wrap small gifts that the bride could use and then “shower” them over the bride. This eventually turned into the friends buying household goods that the bride could use in her marriage.

This tradition continues today, and mostly in this fashion. Sometimes today, even the bridegroom is invited to these affairs. They went from fancy affairs to more casual affairs, then back to fancy occasions. Women today can choose the style of bridal shower they wish to have, starting with simple, inexpensive, casual affairs in their own home or the home of a friend, to the most extravagant affair that can be had in a special venue.

The ideas about the bridal shower have remained the same, even though some of the gifts have changed. When the tradition began, the gifts were made to take the place of the dowry. Today,  the gifts range  from items for the home to racy outfits for the wedding night, and everything in between. Nowadays, if you feel that the bride and/or the groom will like the gift, then it is the perfect gift. Some people even opt to give the couple money or gift cards in lieu of other gifts.

If you are invited to a bridal shower, make sure that you ask the host or hostess what the dress code is for the event. In this way, you can make sure that you are not too overdressed or underdressed. If you feel that you cannot dress up to the event, see if you can borrow something from a friend that is the same size as you.

Bridal Shower Dresses

beautiful brideal shower dresses

When the first bridal shower was given, it was a more formal event. The women dressed accordingly in their best dresses and showered their love and gifts over the bride. As time moved on the events became more casual, and so did the clothing. Often the women would wear a blouse and some nice slacks. There are even women that went as casual as t-shirts and jeans, finding their comfort to be the most important part of the day.

You can find every style of clothing that you wish to use for the bridal shower you wish to attend, and there are shops to find those types of clothing. You can go to high end boutiques or the local department store, or anywhere in between. Wherever you go, look for what best suits you and the venue of the bridal shower.

If you are looking for a dress as the guest, you might want to find out what the bride will be wearing to avoid the faux pas of having the same dress on. You might also want to see what other guests are wearing to get an idea of what you want to wear.

Remember that you can also ask the host or hostess what the dress code is so that you will be prepared. Sometimes this information is listed on the invitation itself, so that there is no doubt. Either way, you will want to know this information.

The fancy bridal showers are coming back into fashion, and along with them, the fancy dresses. Many of the bridal shower dresses that you can find are white or variances of the color white, such as ivory or eggshell. You can find out more about bridal shower dresses at this link. If you do not want to go with those colors, you can always choose your favorite color or a color that goes with your theme.


The first bridal showers were parties in place of the bride’s parents providing a dowry. They have evolved into affairs to celebrate the bride-to-be in many ways, including gifting her and her soon-to-be husband with items for the home. These affairs often include the couple’s friends and families and can be elaborate or more casual. Either way, it is a good time spent with family and friends.







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