Designer Bridal Wedding Lehenga

Designer Bridal Wedding Lehenga and Dresses

Nowadays, people are fond of wearing and flaunting their pretty designs and tastes through their clothing and attires. Festivities and weddings are such occasions when you get the chance to showcase your designs and dressing styles but when it comes to your wedding, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of looking out of the world and appear like a fairy coming right from the heaven. When all the eyes are upon you, you would make all the efforts to look at your best and leave everyone gaping.

In order to be upgraded and updated with latest trend and fashion in vogue, you must check out the following list of designer bridal wedding lehenga and dresses:

Lehenga with a trail

In order to add a bit culture of the West, lehenga with a long trail appears stupendous and glamorous and showers the perfect charm upon the wearer. The team bride gracefully carrying the trail of the bride is a spellbinding moment. Choose the perfect material for your lehenga so that the trail falls beautifully and your comfort should be the prime consideration as the rituals get quite tiring and if you are uncomfortable or tired carrying the lehenga, you may not be able to enjoy your day.

Trail Lehenga

Mirror work lehenga blouse

Mirror work has been in great vogue since long and looks absolutely gorgeous either on the blouse or on the lehenga. You can either choose a fully mirror worked blouse with embroidered lehenga or have the skirt of the lehenga embellished with mirror. This fashion goes well with colours like orange, pink, red, golden, beige or pastel colours.

Mirror Work Lehenga

Anarkali gown

If you find yourself more comfortable in a single piece of cloth, you can choose a gown type dress for your D-day and appear all the more chic and stylish in Anarkali style. You can experiment with the neckline or go with a tube type gown that gives you the look of the princess. You also have the option of playing with the length of the sleeve. You can choose the sleeve length as per your comfort or even go sleeveless if that suits your taste and choice. The benefit of going for Anarkali gown on your big day is that it is easy to carry and you do not feel tired while performing all the rituals.

Anarkali Gown

Jacket lehenga

Jacket style is something which is taking over the hearts of women and when it comes to choosing for your own wedding, this is definitely a great choice as it helps you add more layers to your attire for that perfect look. Also, you are able to hide your bulges and cover the extra show of skin and appear chic and stylish. You can have a jacket of net over a short blouse and lehenga with all the required embellishments and embroidery. This is sure to make a statement on your wedding day.

Long Length Jacket lehenga

Velvet lehenga blouse

Velvet in any type of attire appears all the more royal and gorgeous as the stiffness and corresponding flair of the cloth makes it all the more desirable and unique. Choose bold colours like maroon or dark red for the wedding purpose or else you can go for dark green or navy blue with golden or silver thread work that is sure to skip the heartbeat of the people at your gathering.

Thus, all the above mentioned lehenga styles are blooming this year and are sure to ooze the much-required charm and glance at any or every occasion. You just need to make the right choice as per your comfort and the ability to carry the ensemble.

Velvet Lehenga

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