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Embroidered Kurtis – Get Dressed In A Magnificent Style

At the present time, the embroidered kurtis have great demand in the market due to the feature of rich look. Embroidery work is basically the craft work inherited from the ancient period and this work makes the kurtis more elegant and eye-catching. The embroidered kurtis are highly preferred by the women of different age groups for both casual events as well as special occasions. So, whether you are a working woman or housewife, these kurtis are just perfect for anyone.

More details of embroidered kurtis:

Irrespective of the use of fabric like linen, cotton, crepe, satin, silk, wool, synthetic, georgette or blend, the embroidered kurtis look just perfect while offering the users an exclusive and unique look. The popular colors used to create embroidered kurtis include: beige, orange, yellow, crimson, purple, off white, blue, magenta, baby pink, green, red, brown etc. The embroidered kurtis are designed with both machine work and handwork and these are available in different styles and colors for different types of occasions. So, by choosing to wear these kurtis, the users can stand out from the crowd at any occasion.

Embroidered Kurtis

Besides, the embroidered kurtis also come with some additional craftwork like lace, border works, patchwork, digital prints and many other embellishments. Apart from that, the designer embroidered kurtis are often decorated with Swarovski crystals, crochet lace, appliqué work, embroidered yoke, block printing with vivid and bright colors and shibori dying to get fashionable and stunning looks.

Types of embroidered kurtis:

    • Embroidery kurtis with mirror work: Also known as the Shisha work or Shisha embroidery, this is a really conventional style of kurti and this style is done on different types of materials. Though the style is really simple, but still due to the availability of mirror work, these kurtis just look beautiful and can be worn at different occasions. Even the boring kurti styles can look beautiful with this style. In this type of kurti, the mirrors can be of different sizes and shapes and these can either be placed around the neckline of the kurti or on the patches of the sleeves.
      Embroidery Kurtis With Mirror Work
    • Embroidery kurtis with zardousi work: This is one of the most elaborated and beautiful embroidery work done on the kurtis. This type of kurtis can be of two styles, the first type is where just the neckline of the kurtis are adorned with beautiful embroidery work and the second one is where the entire kurti is embellished with heavy and beautiful embroidery motifs. Zardousi work on the kurtis are mainly done in silver, gold and other metallic colored threads on different types of clothing materials and therefore these are decorated further with beautiful pearl and stone works.
      Embroidery Kurtis With Zardousi Work
    • Embroidery kurtis with Kantha work: Though this type of embroidery work is mainly found in the sarees, but this is also popular in the kurtis. Mainly being created on the simple cotton material, the Kantha work makes this kurti style really gorgeous. Inherited from West Bengal, these kurtis look really beautiful and the designs created on these kurtis are mostly leafs, flowers, motifs of god and goddess, birds and different types of nature related objects. In some cases, geometrical designs are also created in this style of kurti.
      Embroidery Kurtis With Kantha Work
    • Embroidery kurtis with Kashmiri work: This is a beautiful style of embroidered kurti style inherited from the one of the most beautiful places on this globe- Kashmir. Due to the gorgeous style of this embroidery, these kurtis are not only popular in India, but these are also sold like hotcakes in different parts of this globe. The main feature of this kurti style is that here the designs are done with various colored threads. Inspired by different objects of nature, these kurtis come with different designs like trees, creepers, flowers, birds, fruits etc.
      Kashmiri work
    • Embroidery kurtis with chikan work: This embroidery style is mainly found in Lucknow and it is mainly originated since the Mughal period. The main feature of this type of work is that it is done on light weight materials and this type of embroidery is done all over the kurti material. Earlier, only light colored materials were used to create chikan work, but at the present time, this embroidery is done on different colored materials. Apart from that, use of different types of embellishments like mirror work, beads work and sequins make these kurtis really stylish.
      Chikan Work Kurti
    • Embroidery kurtis with cutwork: This embroidered kurti style is just perfect for those women, who don’t prefer much work on the kurtis. Mainly done on the plain and simple fabrics, the cutwork kurtis look just perfect and therefore this style is ideal for both casual as well as formal events. Here the cutwork is mainly done on the borders of the kurtis or in some cases the entire kurtis are embellished with cutwork.
      Kurtis With Cutwork

Brown Anarkali Style Kurti
Alia Bhatt In Chikan Work Kurti
Kashmiri Work Kurti
Mirror Work Kurti
Resham Embroidered Kurti

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