Round Neck Blouse Design

Get A Simple Yet Trendy Look With Round Neck Blouses

Round neck blouses have been there since the black and white period and this is also considered as one of the savior designs. The majority of the readymade blouse designs available on the web are generally of the round neck designs. Users can also make a great style statement by attaching both the strings on top of the U shape.

More about the blouse…

This type of blouse design is more like backless and deep neck blouses. So, if you want to flaunt your back a little bit, this is one of the chic designs that you can consider. Besides, if you are not sure, which blouse style to pick, then pick this classic round neck blouse design closing your eyes as this style is suitable for every body type.

Round Neck Blouses

Play safe with round neck blouses:

One of the best things about the round neck blouse design is that this style looks great on both short and tall women. Users can find different types of styles on this type of blouse. So, if you are in search of some creative style blouse designs for the regular wear sarees, then go for this style and you will be sorted. With the round neck, these blouses can offer you well-rounded finish to your shoulder while reloading an elusive look to the curvy body. Besides, you can also get a style statement by choosing to wear horizontal silhouettes with cap sleeves. Apart from that, stone works, intricate maggam works, zardousi works or kundan works outlining the cutout back offers the blouses a great look. Adding a beautiful tie back tassel on the back can add some more glamour to the blouses.

Round Neck Blouses With Tassel

Here are some of the patterns of round neck blouses:

Embroidered round neck blouses:

This round neck blouse style is meant for special occasions like wedding. By featuring colorful latkans to this blouse style, this blouse style can surely dazzle everyone. For the brides to be, this can be one of the best back neck patterns. It can be worn both with traditional sarees and lahengas.

Embroidered Round Neck Blouses

Ink round neck designer blouse:

In case you want a designer blouse with round neck, then you can opt for an ink round neck designer blouse. This blouse pattern comes with one awesome pattern designed in the chest pattern of the blouse. This style makes it perfect for women, who love both traditional and trendy styles. Besides, this is also one of the best looking round neck blouse designs suitable for every figure.

Ink Neck Designer Blouse

Printed round neck blouse design:

If you are looking for a cool round neck blouse style, then this is probably another best option to consider. This blouse style comes with a good printed pattern at the front and this is the major attraction of this blouse. Availability of print also makes this blouse suitable for different occasions like wedding. This blouse style can be sported both with sarees and lehengas.

Printed Round Neck Blouse Design

Round neck blouse design with lace:

In case you want a round neck blouse design, which is simple yet trendy, then you can opt for this style. This style mainly comes with a beautiful lace design in the back along with attachment to the lace.

Round Neck Blouse Design With Lace

Transparent round neck blouse design:

If you want to incorporate a pinch of style in the simple looking round neck blouse design, then this is one of the best blouse designs that you can consider. This blouse style has a beautiful pattern on the sleeves and the upper chest part of this blouse is transparent, which is the main attraction of this blouse. This blouse style can be worn both with sarees and lehengas.

Transparent Round Neck Blouse Design


So, now you have all the information in hand. All you have to choose the right style of round neck blouse to wear with your saree while flaunting your beautiful back. As this is a very basic design, therefore you can opt for any patterns from simple to glittery.

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