Inspired Hairstyles to try out with your Outfit this Diwali

Festivals call for celebrations, dressing up, meeting friends, relatives, greeting each other, partying and what not. Diwali is one of the festivals that are celebrated with utmost charm and merriment throughout India. The festival symbolizes the return of Lord Rama after the exile period of fourteen years and for this reason, people light their houses and places of work. Besides this, getting ready for poojas in the morning and evening and other events that take place during Diwali season cannot be overlooked. People are overwhelmed when it comes to adorning new costumes and pairing it with perfect hairstyles and jewelry.

Perfect hair do is equally important when you are getting dressed up for the event. The overall beauty and elegance of your outfit is highlighted when ideal hairstyle is made. Besides this, safety is prime motive that calls for an exact hairdo to avoid any accident. It is usually women that are at the risk of catching fire due to long flowy hair which they carry as a style statement. So, they must know some trendy hairstyles that are ideal for Diwali and avoid catching fire from diyas, candles and fire crackers.

Diwali is one festival which brings you in close contact with fire. We hear of several accidents occurring at the time of Diwali.  Thus, it is important to be dressed in such a way that you are at minimal risk. Be safe earlier than to be sorry later on.

Here are a few Indian hairstyles which can be paired with your beautiful outfits to avoid any mishap.

  • Top Knot with Braids: Try the messy braided top knot for your Diwali evening party as it is sure to add charm and charisma to your festive look. This hairstyle is sported by the bollywood icon, Deepika Padukone and is gaining popularity these days. It is tremendously elegant and stylish and can be carried out with any outfit. Giving a ruffled look, braided top knot is a perfect option with ethnic as well as casual wear.
    Top Knot with Braids
  • The Traditional Bun: This classic hairstyle has always been in vogue. It will continue to rule the fashion trend. It highlights your forehead and gives a subtle, tidy yet elegant look. Paired with mangtikka and flowers, the bun can be beautified according to the outfit. To be more comfortable and safe this festive season, you can go for a traditional bun as it gathers all your hair in a tidy bunch and at the same time reflects your true personality. A puffed look can be added to this hairstyle if you wish to look stylish.
    The Traditional Bun
  • Chignon Bun: Since Diwali is a grand festival and calls for social gatherings and dinner parties, you need to be more innovative and classy. Apart from regular traditional bun, you can try for chignon bun which gives a chic and very feminine look. It requires all your hair being pinned into a knot at the back of your head and can blend with almost any festive wear. The peculiar feature about this bun is that you can carry it with several variations such as braided chignon, messy chignon, side swept chignon and curled up chignon.
    Chignon Bun
  • Ponytail: To get that cool festive look, you can go for a simple ponytail. It never goes out of trend. In fact it is one of the safest hairstyles that can be opted for Diwali. You can carry this simple hairstyle both for casual attire and for nice ethnic look. Women with long and medium locks can positively try this hairstyle. It keeps all your hair intact at the back in a graceful way. A puffed look can be added to highlight the forehead. You can also accessorize this simple hairstyle with a fancy band or clip.
    Ponytail hairstyle
  • Half Braided Hairstyle: This classic hairstyle is an ideal option to go with festive wear. Sported by bollywood actresses like Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor, half braided hairstyle can be carried in two ways. You can either braid your hair at the center with the partition at the center or can tie the loose hair into a ponytail. Ladies with curly hair can also try this hairstyle with ethnic wear. Diwali is the best time of the year when you can flaunt with innovative hairstyles and outfits.
    Half Braided Hairstyle
  • Middle Parted Open Hair: This hairstyle is perfect for women with shiny straight locks and goes well with long Anarkali gowns and sarees. Generally at the time of Diwali people are occupied with the cleaning of their houses and shopping gifts. To avoid wasting unnecessary time in dressing and hairstyling, this hairdo can be the best pick of the season. It can be styled easily with the simple products like straightener and you are ready to achieve that gorgeous look which makes you fascinating with almost any ethnic outfit.
  • Twist up Simple Braid: For a rich ethnic look the twist up simple braid is another traditional hairdo which you can choose to flaunt this Diwali. It is a simple hairstyle in which the middle parted hair is curled up each side to be tied in a simple tight braid. Pairing this with ethnic jewelry can add a touch of grace to your festive look. You can also use flowers on the braids to make your outfit even more special.
    Twist up Simple Braid

Everyone wishes to look their best especially on festive celebrations. Our bollywood actresses have become the trend setters for the fashion industry, be it their costumes or hairstyles. Apart from beautiful and gorgeous attire, neat and tidy hairstyle adds overall grace to the look of the person. You can get your hair styles made from a worthy salon or master the art of hair styling yourself. Try something unique and different to grab the attention of everyone around you. With the above mentioned hairstyles, you can be sure of safe and happy Diwali. So, get ready this Diwali season to stun your mates and acquaintances with that perfect diva look carrying that chic hairstyle.

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