Jacket Style Blouses

Jacket Style Blouses: Bling, Zing and Much More

Well gone are the days when a saree as an attire was necessarily associated with the quintessential coy. Through the ages, with Indian designers constantly experimenting with different styles, sarees have come to be unmistakably associated with “edgy”, the “sexy” and of course the sapiosexual at the same time.

Experimentation and Creativity

Experimentation! It’s so important. At the core of free-flowing creativity is the constant urge to experiment, explore and push boundaries. A jacket style blouse is the direct result of such experimentation – something which can delightfully bolster your style quotient when you’re wearing a saree. How do you do it? Let us find out!

Styles Galore

Vest-like, collars, short jacket, long – a jacket style blouse comes in various styles. We will definitely go on to learn more about these styles but not before telling you that you should pick up a style which you think suits your saree and the way in which you are going to carry the drape off. Let us delve into details of the prominent jacket blouse styles that you can sport at different occasions with different drapes. Tweaking your style is always fun! Why stick to mundane?

Jacket Style Blouse Pattern

Vest like sleeveless jacket saree blouse

The first trick would be pick up something which has rich gold work or mirror on it. Team it up with a saree which does not really have too much embellishment at the first place. Heavy embellishment on both the saree and the blouse will actually create an overlapping effect instead of complementing each other. Due adornment on the blouse will actually turn out to be a great pick if you are particularly looking to add some bling to your look.

Sleeveless Jacket Saree Blouse

Full-sleeve collared jacket saree blouse

Regardless of whether you’re choosing something plain or a heavily embroidered piece, you will end up looking very elegant in the ensemble. These blouses are available in lace, velvet and silk. So, pick your choice as per your comfort.

Jacket Blouses With Full Sleeves

The longer ones

The trench-coat (just above the knee-length) jacket blouses are for the ones who are in love with the old world! Available in a wide array of designs, these long jacket style blouses are a thing of the 40’s and the 50’s. From hand woven fabric to the shiny silk ones, the long jacket blouses will go on to add a very classy touch to your look. They are ideal to be worn in winter as well. However, please remember that not everyone is bold enough to carry off a jacket styled blouse – simply because the old world vibes it generates. They fear that their fashion sense will be labeled as outdated. This remains true even if these blouses are increasingly sported on fashion runways. Are you sure you can carry it off without really being weighed down by unfounded fears? Don’t try to flaunt them, if not confident enough.

Remember not to pick up a long jacket blouse if you’re short because that will only go on to add to your apparent drawback.

Longer Sleeves Jackets Blouse

Short jacket saree blouses

Aha! Look how our favorite Carol Gracias has flaunted it on the fashion runway. These blouses are chic, they are classy, they are elegant and they are edgy. Those sleeves reaching your elbows and the piece itself reaching your waist can actually turn you into “a vision of sorts” if sported with the right saree and accessories.

Short jacket Saree Blouses

A classy saree can surprisingly secure a touch of bling if you decide to team it up with a short jacket blouse. Last but not the least- you can always belt up your saree with the jacket blouse to add that unmistakable zing to your traditional ensemble.

So, what’s your pick?

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