The Journey of Pearl- From Sea to the world of Jewellery

Pearl – One of the most beautiful creation of nature which when shaped to enhance the beauty of a woman in the form of jewelry looks even better. Translucent material when get accumulated inside a shell it comes out as a pearl. Layers of this material are formed inside the shell   in more than thousands in number to make a unique lustrous pearl. When there was depletion in the pearl bed almost some 100 years back the concept of cultured pearls came into existence.

If in this era you make an effort to look for natural pearls it will be hard for you to get the one you desire. Definitely it’s quite true that nothing is impossible in this world and you can get the glimpse of precious few natural pearls when you attend some auctions in New York where you can buy a single piece at a price which will appear to you just a burden to nourish your dream. If anyone asks to define the meaning of Natural peals then we can say it is that type of pearl which originates because of an accident of nature in which there is no involvement of any human life. The shape of a natural pearl is round and its surface is uniform.

The world of natural and cultured Pearls:

Pearl jewellery is now high in demand and women across globe are getting addicted to these types of Jewelries in different forms and pattern. As already mentioned that natural pearls are quite expensive and making jewellery out of it will turn the price so high that it will not be possible for all to buy it. Aside to this getting natural pearl these days are very difficult. To cope up with the demands for jewellery of pearls and that too of good quality at budgeted price the concept of cultured pearls came into existence.

Automatically the question will come to your mind as what exactly cultured pearl is? Well as the name suggest, this type of pearls are cultured by humans by introducing some irritant inside the oyster with the intention to cultivate the pearl inside. The people who will insert the irritant inside the shell need to be technically sound in this job and can do the inserting in a professional way.  The oyster, in which the irritant need to be inserted, should be a healthy one.


For getting protected from the effects of irritant inside it the Oyster will make an effort to   secret several layers of its nacre. It will form a coat of layers on the irritant or in technical term the foreign material inside it and the final product which will come out will be the cultured pearl. After the placement of irritant the oysters are hanged on the rafts which float on the sea.

Its needs a timeline ranging from 1 to 3 years time to deliver the final cultured pearl to cultivator. There will be variation in the shapes and sizes of the pearls coming out from each Oyster. The reason behind this is that the amount of Irritant which gets implanted varies and so there is variation in pearl size. The shocking part is that getting the percentage of gem quality pearl is still very low in the market. The cultivator needs to be very skilled to create the perfect pearl.

Types of Cultured Pearls:

The environment in which the cultivation will be done and the species – Oysters are responsible for deciding the type of pearl cultured. Below are some of the well-known varieties of cultured pearls:

Freshwater Pearls:  Freshwater mussels are used while cultivating these pearls. With every passing day pearls of bigger sizes are available due to improvement in the technique of cultivation

Freshwater Pearls

Akoya Pearls: These pearls are cultivated in saltwater using Akoya oyster. A single pearl develops in this case inside an oyster. Commonly found shape of this type of peal is round only.

Akoya Pearls

South Sea Pearls:  A typical species of oyster is used for cultivating this particular variety of pearl known as Pinktada Maxima. These pearls are mostly bigger in size in comparison to previous 2 categories. Other popular varieties includes: Baroque, Keshi and Blue pearls.

South Sea Pearls

Imitation pearls are also available these days made out of plastic and other materials which are available at a very cheap rate.

Pearls in the making of beautiful jewellery:

Love for jewellery is so strong among women that they always look for the best quality products in the market. Different types of jewelry are available made out of pearls. You can find the following types of Pearl jewellery:

  • Necklaces: Necklaces of different designs, patterns and lengths are available in the market from different jewellery brands. If you are looking for contemporary style designs then you will get great collections from the leading brands. Pendants made out of pearls and other semi-precious stone can be a perfect buy for you for any casual party or morning events. Special bridal collections made out of pearl are also to make the bride look like a Diva on wedding day.


  • Earrings: Pearl Tops looks awesome with any traditional and western outfit.  If you are looking for a pearl dangle then you will get it in different color combination which will match up well with different colored dresses. In India you will get exclusively designed long length earrings for festival and bridal look. Office going women collections are designed especially so that they can use it for everyday use.


  • Bracelets: Want to look special in any function you attend? They buy bracelets made out of Pearls. White pearl Bracelets with touch of semi-precious stone and gold will make your hands look awesome. Pearl bracelets are now in trend and demand is pretty high.


  • Rings:  For every day wear to event outfit, pearl rings are best for every occasion. It will give a sober yet sophisticated look to your personality and can be a best buy for pearl jewellery collection of your wardrobe.


  • Bangles: Let the peal bangles make your personality look stylish and trendy. Pearls of different colors and sizes are used in making of excellent designed pearl bangles.


In case you’re wedding anniversary is approaching soon or it’s your wife’s birthday or you want to make you mother feel special on her birthday then what can be the best option for you other than a beautiful jewellery set of pearl. White pearls always give a special look, but if you want you can try out some other colored pearls this season to impress the lady in your life.

How to care for the pearl jewellery?

Pearl is very delicate and very sophisticated in look. You need to be very careful while taking care of it. Make sure that all pearl jewellery you have in your collection need to be kept separately from other metal ornaments. Keep it in cloth bag making it little damp to protect from losing humidity. While getting ready for the party put on the peal jewellery only after doing makeup and applying perfume in order to protect the pearls from the chemical effects of the cosmetics. After removing the pearl jewellery wipe it well with a moist cloth to remove dirt and dust on it and then store in cloth bag. Don’t use liquid soap or any detergent to clean your pearl or else it will lose its glow and luster. Protect it from getting scratched by some sharp tool or thing. Make sure to change the thread of silk used in making the pearl jewellery at regular interval at least at a gap of year or so.

Pearl Jewellery

Give you personality a dazzling, stylish and sober look by opting for jewellery made out of pearl. Beautiful jewelries of pearl are now available online of different styles and pattern and for different occasions and celebrations too. These days you can have pearl ornament for small baby girl kids too. Pearl ornament can be a great gifting option for wedding, birthday, Anniversary and even Baby shower ceremony too. While buying online make sure that the online store is a branded one and having experience in dealing with pearl products for quite a long time. You are also visit leading pearl retail stores and check out the designs they are having in their collection. Pick the one which suits your taste and preference completely. There are few stores which takes special order for making customized pearl ornaments for various occasions. During festive season good discounts are given on price and also for bulk purchase too. Take advantage of that and get the look in your appearance which can make others envy of you. You can get pearl collection of different budgets and so you will get wide options for you to make the perfect buy for you. Visit the online stores today to select the best pearl piece for your collection. If you want loose pearls for making your own designed ornament then you can find that online.

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