The Pashmina silk saree is a great addition to Indian fashion. Pashmina is basically the Persian term for wool and this wool obtained from the Himalayan sheep is mixed with delicate silk to come up with this saree. The wool obtained from the Pashmina goats is of extremely fine quality, very soft and even several times finer than the human hair. Size of each Pashmina wool strand is so small that it can only be woven by hand. Therefore, while blended with cotton or silk, these wools can be spun either by machine or handloom.

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The combination of two fine materials creates the fabric, which is light, sheer and shinning. Therefore, these sarees work as the symbol of long followed spirit and tradition of craftsmanship and fine weaves. This is why this saree is considered as one of the finest apparel types that women can drape so alluringly.

Being an integral part of the history and heritage of Kashmir, Pashmina silk sarees also work as the symbol of the spirit of Kashmiri tradition, well known for the breathtaking embroidery and fine weaves.

Pashmina Fabric

Different types of Pashmina

The Pasmina silk sarees are available in different varieties starting from super fine to fine on the basis of how perfectly this saree is woven. Besides, the quality of this saree also differs on the basis on the finesse of the goat hairs that are available on different heights of the Himalayan ranges. For example, the Nepal Pashmina hair or fiber is considered as the finest quality wool while the Ladakhi fiber is in second position in terms of quality.

The Pashmina silk saree made with the super fine quality wool is an exclusive weave, which is very soft and smooth and can also pass the “ring test”. Being really high priced and sought for the weaving quality, the best quality Pashmina silk sarees are well known for the feel and also for spreading warmth. The quality of wool used, makes the Pashmina silk sarees a wonderful combination of strength and limberness.

Pasmina Silk Sarees

The uniqueness of pashmina

The Pashmina silk sarees are known for the Kashida or Kashmiri embroidery, which employs colorful and bright designs with the motifs like paisley, chinar leaves, floral borders and many other inspirational settings of the Mother Nature. The colors and patterns selected for this saree harmonize with the nature a lot and therefore the allure and elegance of the saree wearer is heightened.

The Pashmina silk sarees are available in different pleasing versions that are really captivating and fascinating. Fancy prints of gold, batik and block with floral patterns are the latest trend of these sarees making these highly suitable for different social outings, cultural programs and parties. On the other hand, the heavier version of Pashmina silk includes pure silk threads and the fabric of these sarees is mainly adorned with Ari or Zardosi embroidery. This type of Pashmina silk saree is highly sought after for the occasions like bridal occasions, special functions or Indian weddings. Apart from these two types, there is another special range of fine designs and self-weave checks available, which make these sarees really exceptional and unique.

Pashmina Saree With Embroidery


In conclusion, it can be said that the Pashmina silk sarees are ideal choice for women, who are fashion conscious as well as love to look different. So, if you are one of them, then this saree is just meant for you. This saree can be one of the finest types of apparels that you can drape. But while buying true Pashmina silk sarees, it is necessary to have a discerning ability to recognize the genuine product as nowadays, Pashmina silk sarees with synthetic fibers have come into vogue.

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