How To Make Halloween A Little Different With Quirky Costumes?

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Halloween is always an exciting event, full of colors and quirky party. Dressing up can’t be a task, but what is taxing is to find a proper schedule which will fit in, not only a proper time to look for the perfect costume, but it will also require one to make small changes to the already found costumes, to just stand apart from the crowd. Now, it is quite difficult for any normal costume company to come up with something, which does not include the word ‘sexy’, for instance, ‘sexy witch‘, ‘sexy cat‘, ‘sexy nurse‘, but what can be done to break from this stereotype is to look for a concept which can be raunchy and yet, be unique or can at least be unique. Here are some of the ideas, which can work fine for someone, who might not have too much time in hand, but wants to stand out in the crowd and also be a little quirk, Because who does not like a little quirk in their lives?

  1. Err… Error: You might not have a proper costume, at the end of the day, but a looming party which requires one to wear something of the costume sorts. Now, what to do? Take a simple white t-shirt, just write 404 ERROR, make way for no errors, and go ahead with life. This might be the simplest of the ideas, but it is extremely incredible if one can think about it. Life is kind of unfair for all, and in these moments when there are not too many things one has to offer, the 404 ERROR should come handy. Keep the pervs at bay and let the world know about your current status, through this t-shirt. In case one wants to go a little further with this, one can always try breaking the steps down, from the loading bar, which might be half broken or can be stuck, to the next process of 404 ERROR, it can be done in many ways, and interpreted in few.
  2. Filter: this is for the entire Phils ass this will be the easiest to make. If someone is named Phil, all they need is a cardboard which might have the word ‘ter’ to complete their look. They are the ‘Philters’ of the party. While the world is raging about the filters which every photo editing app has to offer, one can never go wrong with the filter. For the non-phils, they can simply cut out a cardboard rectangle, or have the Instagram logo printed on it, somewhere write the word Valencia or Hefe, and voila, there is a filter on the move.
  3. Harry potter might be Hairy: If there was anything that can lighten up the world, it probably would be the ‘puns‘ one can use in a day. Thus, if you play with the word, and make a tweak to your last year’s harry potter costume, and give it a hairy turn, you might not have to spend much time, energy or even those precious money. In case, you are naturally hairy, you can keep the rugs on your skin, and just have the scarf and the glasses and the iconic scar across your head, or you might just want to buy those extremely quirky rugs like accessories, which adds nothing to the aesthetics, but is surely one of those items, which gives a punny (read: funny) twist to your costume.
  4. Sexy Ghosts? If raunchy is not your thing and if lazy is how you will mostly define your taste, even then can you dress up as a sexy ghost. Nope, it has nothing to do with short skirts and thongs or even fish nets, but some bathing suits and some bed sheets. Well, apparently, sheets signify something that has nothing to do with sleeping, which might just be your thing, and bikinis make people go insane, because well, they are appealing if worn properly. In that case, wrap yourself with a beautiful white sheet, cut space for nose and if you want, eyes, they can just be gaping holes, if need be, and wear a bikini on top of that sheet and be a ghost, but at least a sexy one. There, there.
  5. Pumpkin Spiced Human? Since, pumpkin spiced lattes are all the rage for the fall, just wear your pumpkin costume, which you might have from one of those previous endeavours, or either cut out from a cardboard, the shape of a pumpkin, or simply buy one, print out the Starbucks logo, cut out a straw, have the salt shaker, write spice. Assemble the entire thing, by wearing the pumpkin cut out or costume, take the spice written salt and pepper shaker, and just add a cardboard cut-out straw on your head, while the pumpkin has the Starbucks logo all in the centre, and you have the trendiest thing o this planet, something which the world apparently can’t live without.
  6. Lemonade: Just be Beyonce and nothing can go awry. Lemonade has been everything for everybody, because let’s face it Beyonce is the Queen, and thus, you can either try out the yellow dress crimp your hair, make certain changes to your makeup routine. Or just have a cut-out glass image, and paint it yellow, the color of lemonade, add pieces of more cardboard cut-out lemons on your head, as an accessory and no one can question your sense of ideas because it slays.

These are some of the quirky ideas, which can save a lot of time and money and if worn properly, can be unique enough for people who want to stand out and yet, be relatable. There are obviously spaces for improvements and one can add anything as an accessory or enhance these ideas to suit their taste, but these can be the building blocks and the rest can be laid down, according to the imagination, which inspires the person who will be wearing these costumes. There is no point in wasting too much time on costumes when one can clearly go all out and about in these ideas, and make heads turn.

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