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Make Heads Turn With Your Latest Beach Wear

Summer is the time for water sports. It is the most thrilling among all seasons and you should not waste your time sitting at home when the summer is on. Just go out and have fun in the sun! It is even wonderful if you are planning a holiday to a beach resort. Who would not want to laze under the sun and get that nice tan on the skin? Well, if you have had a cold and gloomy winter then summer is the season to enjoy to the fullest. A trip to a beach resort sound more fun and all you need is a sun tanning lotion, your beach slippers, stylish straw hats and a lot of sexy beach wears.

Beach wear is the most essential thing that you need when you are holidaying on a seaside. Men and women both can choose from hundreds of styles. While men can only choose their trunks or bodysuits women have plenty of choices like bikini, monokini, microkini, tankini, racer back, tank suits etc.

What is latest trend in swimwear?

Styles and trends are quite dynamic when it comes to women’s beachwear. Each year designers come up with their latest styles in swimwear that sets the trend for that very year. So if you are a fashionista and would not want to miss out on the latest style then you need to check out the latest fashion scenario. Some of the hottest trend in women’s beachwear for this summer is:

  • Bold stripes – This summer wear something bold and beautiful. Bold stripes are in and you can choose your bikini or monokini in a combination of bold and wide stripes of black and white, red and white, grey and black and much more.
    Bold stripes Bikini
  • Denims – Denims in swimsuits are a new addition this year. Well it may sound crazy but denims are this season’s hot favourite. The material is water resistant and looks cool on one piece swimsuits.
    Denim Swimsuit
  • High cuts – If you are wearing one piece swimsuits then high cuts look really sexy. High cuts are in this summer and just flaunt your hips and legs with the sexy high cuts on your swimwear.
    High Cut Swimsuit
  • Off shoulders – Off shouldered bikinis and tankinis look super hot. You can choose a bikini top that is off shouldered and comes with a high rise boy-short. Off shouldered style looks good both in bikini tops and one piece swimsuits or tankinis.
    Off shoulder Bikini
  • Cutaway – Cutaways are the hot favourite this summer. This style looks really smart on women with broad and well defined shoulders. The style gives you a sporty looks while keep the style quotient intact.
    Cutaway Bikini
  • Floral – Floral prints are always refreshing in summer and this summer you can choose from the Hawaiian style floral prints on your one piece swimsuits. If you are selecting a cropped top and bikini panty then you can choose a floral style also.
    Floral Swimsuit
  • Cut outs – Monokinis are quite in style this summer and this particular swimwear comes with lots of cut outs around the abs. This makes you look really hot and sexy. Different types of cut outs are available on monokinis.
  • Minimalist – If you are one of those who like minimal coverage when you are on the beach then a thong and tiny bikini top can do wonders. It also helps you better if you are planning to get a tan on your body.
    Minimalist Swimwear
  • Deep plunges – Now you can have a swimsuit with deep plunging neckline. This looks very stylish and women who are looking for style and comfort should choose this style for the summer.
    Deep Plunge Neckline Swimsuit
  • Neoprene – If you are one of those girls who love water sports then neoprene is the perfect beach wear for you. These swim wears are specially designed for water adventure sports like surfing, skiing, gliding and many more.
    Neoprene Swimwear

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