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Make Your Clothes Smell Good With These Simple Ways

The clean and fresh smell of clothes on opening the door of the cupboard is a highly coveted thing. The satisfaction of seeing the lovely outfits hanging in your cupboard intensifies with the lovely and sweet smell of clothes. But it is not always possible to retain the sweet smell on clothes due to various reasons. Especially during the rainy season, the lovely smell of clothes disappears and you have to bear with the foul smell of stale clothes on opening your closet. It must be your concern to get rid of the musty smell from your clothes. There are lots of ways to prevent your clothes from smelling foul and to make sure they smell good during any season of the year.

Washing Clothes Often:

The simplest but one of the most important ways to make your clothes smell good is by washing them regularly and properly. The best thing is to wash your clothes after each wear. If you are in a habit of washing laundering your clothes after wearing them twice or thrice, you are on the wrong track. Especially if the clothes are dirty and sweaty it is necessary that you wash them as soon as possible after you wear them. Moreover, there are certain clothes which require washing after each wear. For instance, shirts, socks, leggings, tights, swimsuits, camisoles and underwear must be washed each wear. Jeans, silk sarees, skirts, shorts, dresses, and salwar suits can be washed after wearing them twice or thrice. You need to keep these in mind and should wash accordingly.

Washing clothes

Using Scented Detergents:

It is better to go for fragrant detergents rather than using ordinary soaps. Detergents having various fragrances are found in the market. Using these while washing your clothes can help them retain a good smell for a long time.

Scented Detergents

Unload The Washing Machine Immediately After Washing:

As soon as the wash cycle is over, it is recommended to remove the clothes from the washing machine. If wet clothes are kept too long inside the washing machine might lead to the formation of mildew giving your clothes a musty odor.

Clean Your Washing Machine:

The formation of mildew in the interior of the washing machine can create an unpleasant odor. This gets transferred to the clothes which are being washed in it. In order to prevent it, you must clean your washing machine with vinegar at least once after every six months. This will keep your machine free from foul odor.

Cleaning Washing Machine

Dry Your Clothes Properly:

Before putting the clothes away from the dryer you must make sure that they are completely dry. Folding and storing damp clothes lead to the formation of mildew giving the clothes a sour smell. So, make sure the clothes are absolutely dried up before putting them away.

Drying clothes in washing machine

Take Care of the Dryer:

It is recommended that you clean the lint trap of your dryer after each drying cycle. The lingering lint is capable of trapping odors which can be further transferred to the clothes. You must also clean the dryer drum at least once every month.

Leaving the Closet Open:

Leaving your closet open, especially during the rainy season can help the unpleasant and foul odor ease out. This reduces the foul smell from your clothes by letting them breathe.

Leaving the Closet Open

Take Care Of Your Closet:

The closet or the cupboard is the abode of clothes. To make your clothes smell good, you have to make sure that their rooms smell good too. There are a number of ways which can get rid of the foul odor from the closet and make the interior of it smell good. Some of the ways are mentioned below:

  • Place a soap in the closet – Various strong-scented soaps are available in the market. You can choose one depending on the fragrant you prefer. Wrap it with a fabric and place it in one corner of a closet shelf. The aroma of the soap will be spread and sweeten the environment inside the closet with a lovely smell. This is an effective way to make your clothes smell good.
    Place a soap in the closet
  • Air freshener – Spraying air freshener inside the closet will give it a nice smell. This smell will be transferred to the clothes in the closet making them smell good as well.
    Spraying air freshener inside the closet
  • Essential oils or perfume – One of the best ways to make your cupboard smell good is by applying perfume or a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a cotton plug and place it in one corner of the cupboard. The smell of your favorite perfume will spread throughout the closet and will be transferred to your clothes.
    Essential oils or perfume
  • Odor absorbents – One of the most promising ways to get rid of the foul odor from your closet is by placing an odor absorbent inside it. Pour some baking soda in an open container and place it one corner of the closet or inside a drawer. Baking soda is very effective in absorbing odor. You can add a few drops of your favorite perfume or essential oil to it which will add a sweet smell to the closet beside absorbing the foul odor. Another good odor absorbent is coffee. Coffee grounds tend to absorb the unpleasant odor in the closet and in your clothes. You can place a small container of coffee grounds inside the closet with some holes on the lid of the container. It is recommended to keep changing the absorbent in the container once in a month.
    Odor Absorbent For Closet

Use Linen Spray:

Since perfumes can stain fabrics, it can’t be applied directly on your clothes. Instead of using a perfume, you can use linen sprays which are made for clothes. Using linen spray is a great way to make your clothes smell good.
Linen spray

Scented Sachets:

If you want to fill the entire of your dresser drawer or closet with the smell of your favorite dried herbs, spices or flowers, you can buy those sachets from the market and fill it with the material of your choice. You can stuff the sachet with the material having your favorite fragrance and hang it inside your closet with the help of a string or a hanger. This will transfer the smell of the material inside the sachet to the clothes. For instance, if you place a lavender sachet in the closet, the mild and sweet smell of lavender will be added to the clothes in it.

Scented Sachets

Leaving Your Robe In The Cupboard:

After applying body lotion, once you put on the robe, it traps the sweet smell of the lotion. Due to direct contact with your body, on which the lotion is applied, the smell is trapped effectively. If you put the robe back into the closet after some time, the smell of the body lotion which is there in the robe will be transferred to the other clothes kept in the closet. This is an easy and effective way to make the clothes inside your cupboard smell good.

Wearing a well-fitted and stylish outfit can make you feel happy and satisfied. But this satisfaction isn’t complete unless the dress that you wear smells as good as it looks. You can enhance the satisfaction of wearing an awesome outfit by making it smell good at the same time. You can not only get rid of the damp and musty smell from your clothes but also make it smell sweet in these ways. So, make your clothes smell good and add a sweet fragrance to your daily life by following the simple ways mentioned above.

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