The Best Ethnic Wear

Look Graceful With The Best Ethnic Wear

There are a number of times, when you get obsessed over an outfit, which doesn’t only compliment you, but also makes you look trendy and stylish. Once you have a basic knowledge of your body type and what type of ethnic attire compliments your body the most, there will never be a fail moment in your life.

Ethnic wear is considered as the heart of Indian clothing and it is a must in every man/woman’s wardrobe no matter how modern he/she is. It is because, ethnic wear is always bestowed with elegance and grace. Some of the popular types of ethnic wear include: kurtis, sarees, salwar kameezs, salwars for women and sherwanis and bandhgalas for men etc. Teaming each of these attires with right type of accessories can be the perfect way to adorn the look. Besides, each type of outfit has its own way of enhancement and therefore one can easily look graceful with the best ethnic wear. Now let’s have the details of different types of ethnic attires for both women and men.

Ethnic Wear For women:

  • Kurtis: These are probably the most common type of ethnic wear and this outfit can easily be worn with various lowers like palazzo, skirts, denim, leggings etc. Wearing some light accessories with these kurtis can enhance the overall look. This will actually intensify your entire look.
  • Sarees: No matter how modern you are, without the sarees your wardrobe can’t be completed. Known for the beauty and grace, Indian sarees are loved by almost every woman across the globe. Whether it is a formal event or casual, sarees can be the perfect attire everywhere. Sarees can be of different types, broadly classified as ethnic ones and the modern ones. So, the choice is just vast. While being teamed up with the right accessories, the sarees can offer a completely different look to the wearer.
  • Salwar kameezs: These are one of the most popular ethnic wears that women love to flaunt. These dresses look traditional yet classy enough. Therefore, these make the ideal attire for the occasions like family functions, events, small gatherings and festivals. With the right kind type of accessories, it is actually possible to enhance the look of salwar kameezs.
  • Salwars: These are highly preferred by the Indian women as nothing can be more comfortable than these attires. In case you are thinking that the salwars are not meant for all occasions, then sorry, you are lacking the latest fashion sense. The salwars come in a large variety, some of these include: the plain salwar, the slim fit salwar, the Patiala salwar, the dhoti salwar to name a few. Normal salwar looks perfect on almost everyone. Narrow salwars are ideal for those, who want a thin appearance and it can even be teamed up with shirts. Patiala salwars are meant for thin women, who want a perfectly proportionate look.

Ethnic Wear For men:

  • Sherwani: This attire is considered almost equivalent to the fine suits and tuxedos. This attire looks just perfect in case it is bespoke as it is totally about the fit. A well-cut and slim sherwani with a beautiful looking embroidery and in a dark shade can be the ideal evening wear for Indian men of almost any age group.


  • Bandhgala: Considered as the staple wear of Rajasthani aristocracy, this attire is masculine and therefore it makes the wearers of any body shape look perfect. So, whether a mid aged person, looking for something different to wear, then this attire is just perfect for you. In fact, this attire can make everyone look regal while worn with matching well fitted pants.

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